June 10, 2010

Beginnings of the baby line

Really, these are the best pictures of my busy girl that I could get. She wouldn't hold still, but hopefully you can see how the hairband turned out. Admittedly, I had wanted the flowers closer together.....the elastic stretched more than I had anticipated. The next few I think will be sewn onto a pad of some sort so the flowers remain stationary while the band stretches.
My supply small sampling of headband supples did come,

But my daughter has already product tested the hat, and within two minutes of wearing it had it unraveling....

Apparently these are not suited for toddler fingers. Until next time!
P.S. Thank you all again for the awesome encouragement. Really.


Karen said...

I enjoy seeing and hearing of all your creativity. You are indeed talented. Karen in OR

Fox said...

The hairband is adorable! It doesn't matter a bit if the flowers are not grouped. It is sweet.
Fox ~ official aficionado of baby headbands... : ))

God's Kid said...

The headband looks great! :)

sewmuchfun4 said...

That headband is DARLING! I could see older girls wearing a version of them also.
:) Ann

SunshineCraft said...

That is such a cute headband. I can't let my little girl see it. She will want one.