July 9, 2010


One big bonus of being asked to do a custom design is that you end up going over several ideas in your head about how to best accomplish it, so I am now knee deep in necklace mode, and this is the first off the shuttles.

I also have plans to remake the bridal necklace in black and do another in white. So I have plenty to keep me busy......not to mention that dye project that Dr. Vonthreadmore has been Dyeing to get to..... lol !


Fox said...

Very pretty! You have been busy!

Fox : )

God's Kid said...

That necklace is so awesome! I love the style! :)

John said...

Oh...I know a few women who'd love to have something like that. I've been wanting to attack the jewelry...my mother has been asking for something tatted...I may have to try.

Tattin' Kat said...

This is just beautiful!!!!