July 13, 2010

Live and Let DYE

Dr. Vonthreadmore has finally had her day. Well, a dye project is really two days of work......
She was up until about 3am this morning, after mixing 24 colors of dye, and dyeing just about every last bit of white thread she could get her paws on.
Pictures of the results are soon to follow, however I am completely exhausted after a full day of rinsing thread. Most of it is drying now and waiting to be wound into the pretty skeins. Dr. Vonthreadmore was kind enough to supply me with many new colors of size 10 which I have been hankering for, but there was a substantial amount of trial and error thread. I think she has traced the problem to a mixing ratio....... either way, some of this thread will soon be liquidated via ETSY so we can get some more and keep refining our technique.
Ta ta from The tatter and the DR!

1 comment:

Beelizabeth said...

OOH-- I love your trial and error thread. You never know quite what you're going to get. I've had some of yours and some of another dyer's trial threads and have gotten some beautiful results.