July 15, 2010

New Hand dyed thread, and a bargain basement

I've just listed my newest hand dyed thread endeavors in my etsy shop. Click here to see "Blues and Greens" (I wasn't feeling very creative in naming today)
Also, I have added a new section to the shop for various experimental threads and oops threads, click here to visit the thread bargain basement!


Suztats said...

Hi Krystledawne,
I just tried to order 4 of your skeins of thread and received an error notice that my order could not be shipped to Canada. I wanted to try all your ooops threads. Guess it wasn't meant to be. sniffle.

Krystle said...

Oh No! So sorry that happened!

I've fixed it, and sent you an email. hopefully it will all work out. Thanks for letting me know about the problem!

Tattin' Kat said...

I ordered some last night...can't wait to try my first HDT!!!

Suztats said...

Thanks for the reply. I went back in to purchase a variety of your ooops thread, but it's all gone except for 1. Not fast enough I guess. I'd wanted 1 of the blue, 2 of the reds and 2 of the mixed. I'll wait for another time. Guess everyone else liked them, too.
Best wishes,

Ridgewoman said...

Finally got an order in; have been so busy with DH and his new hip. Meant I had to drive him a lot of different places from May thru June...Just catching my breath.

I managed to snag the last size 40 blues and greens.
Can't wait to try them out...

hugs, bj