September 15, 2010

More ideas

One think I am really focusing on right now is making my etsy shop "feature friendly". That means many things, like creating a cohesive feeling in my shop as far as banner, avatar, listing photographs, etc. I want my items to be shown well, but the photographs that get features on the front page, in treasuries, are definitely photographs with character and that tell a story.......or evoke a mood or feeling.

In my great quest I have recently aquired (or scrounged) a few items that fit my bill. The background object used in these first two is a brass/copper trivet purchased from etsy. Now, all of these pictures I'm showing you are just the first trial phase with my new props. I'll be taking more refined images in better focus to improve my listings.

I do think this trivet is effective in that it carries a lovely patina, and if done right, doesn't distract too strongly from the earrings.

This next object is a little box that I retrieved from my husband's grandmother's estate. It is lined with satin and frames the earrings well. The photo above is with the earrings laid across the top of the box, I'm still deciding if it's too busy.

These pictures are taken with a little vintage makeup purse that I fell in love with on etsy. It had to come home to me whether or not it made the cut as a prop.

It offers several different options for arranging the jewelry,

As always, I love it when you weigh in with your opinions on all of this. I love to hear how people look at things differently.
Love ya!


sewmuchfun4 said...

Hi Krystal,
Your props are LOVELY and do showcase your tatting very well. My favorites are the first picture (SO DRAMATIC) and the last one (simple, but it seems to tell a story as well).

Something else you can play around with is lighting. In my house, the best indirect lighting is in the master bath because there is so much white tile and it has a large window. I also like taking pictures outside, sometimes in direct light, but more often in the shade. Good lighting will help you photograph the detail of your tatted pieces. With a prop or backdrop, no one will ever know where you take a picture.

:) Ann

God's Kid said...

Elegant earrings! :)

Janney said...

Hi... I think the first two are the best.

Fox said...

My opinion? I like the earrings either hanging or on a background, like the white intricate one.

The photo should be close-up - the ones with the make-up brush and in the purse are too cluttered and too distant to be effective as a sales photo; opt for simpler.

Even a fancy cloth or scrolled background, or ornate paper or fabric is fine if it enhances the jewellery and doesn't compete.
The ones shown here here don't, in my humble...

You are doing great things! Keep it up, oh creative person!
Fox : )

Jane S. said...

I really like the first two photos. The color in both of them is so nice! The first one has almost a "moody" feeling to it. I don't think the second photo is too busy -- the contrast between the blue and the white is so clear and crisp.

Michelle said...

picture #2!!!

umintsuru said...

My favs are the 1st two and the last photo.
P/S Got yr convo and waiting eagerly!!

Red said...

Beautiful earrings, but they get lost in the third and fourth pictures - If I didn't know better I might think the item for sale wasn't the earrings. The first and fifth show off the earrings the best, I think.

Suztats said...

Isn't it funny how we are all different? I prefer the last photo. The reasons.....the blue against the warm tones of the fabric, the cool, hard metal contrasting with the warmth of the wood, the diagonal of the earrings vs the diagonals of the metal and the fabric lines, yet all of the opposing elements not overshadowing the texture and beauty of the tatting. I think the pic design's simplicity makes the earrings a definite focal, and showcases them beautifully and effectively. But, maybe that's just me....:-) Love them, BTW

Krystle said...

Have I mentioned how much I love my peeps? You guys give rockin feedback!

Color contrast is something I've definitely been looking at lately. I have been using the same brown piece of board for all my shots for the past year, and it shows off certain colors well, and others not as well. The idea I have is to find several objects that relate to eachoter but still provide different color and arrangement options that show off each piece.

Jesse said...

Love the composition and lighting in the first one, and the background really pushes the earrings to the fore. The last one manages to give a sense of the size of the earrings without being too busy - something that hints at the scale of the items is often useful (without having to be something as crass as a ruler!)

John said...

ok Krystle,
I really like the second pic. It highlights your tatting and the bead work. The contrast in colors is a benefit.
Happy day!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Here's my input... I really hope you don't mind:

1. I love those earrings - They're beautiful!

2. Photos 2 and 5 are my favorite

3. 3rd photo - this actually invokes a fear in me - like the earrings will get dirty next to that makeup (perhaps it's because it is too close for comfort, or that the satin is White in color)

4. Photo 4 I do like, I think it has to do with all the right colors and space

Hope my input was helpful and not harmful!!

No criticism here!! (At least, I hope it doesn't come across in that manner)

I think your work is beautiful, and it deserves the best showcase!

Tatteristic! said...

Love the earrings and the props. I especially like the first two without any distractions - just jewelry on a beautiful background. Just my humble opinion...

Happy Bluebird said...

I, too, like the first two photos the best. (Love the earrings!) I am especially drawn to the 2nd photo. I agree with Fox about the earrings in the box - too far away to highlight them properly. Definitely keep your photos closeups - they really draw one in.

Gina said...

When I'm shopping Etsy or Ebay or anywhere online, I want to see the item CLEARLY and your first two pics do that. I've passed up some items that were staged nicely as far as environment/showcasing, but I could not see them clearly and I didn't want to take the time to ask the seller to send me something better. If you have in your description the size of the earrings, that's fine but if not, something that gives an idea of the size in comparison in the photo is very helpful.

Altho the items in the other photos evoke memories, they are also a distraction and I tend to skip over those, to be honest, or focus on the other items, not what is for sale.