September 20, 2010

New design and Dr. Vonthreadmore

I really like to make tatted jewelry that has a contemporary feel to it. Here I used antique brass studs for the centers of my dimentional flowers. I love these long dramatic earring hooks. I am so bad about keeping things for myself, but I think I need a pair of these. or four. What do you guys think? Sometimes I get really excited about a design, I wonder if it has the same appeal for you as well? (the background for these is the inside of that vintage box I used in my moonstone necklace pictures.)

And I'm still on the quest for feature friendly photos. I've been working alot on editing.
I've found that a few tweaks can take photo like this,

And turn it into a photo like this:

To me the second version is much more striking, and will stand out more. I'm also having a blast with my props. This vintage trivet has become my prized posession as I feel it really adds mood and depth to the pictures.

Dr. Vonthreadmore has of course been waiting patiently for a break in my week so she can work up another batch of Vineyard at Dusk. She patiently reminds me that her "fans" are waiting, and I suspect that should I not provide her with the opportunity to create this evening, there might be unfortuanate consequences.....


Jamie said...

I've been a fan of your work since I first saw it, but your tatting on these long hooks really pull me in. Beautiful!

Miranda said...

The green background is perfect for the purple!

sewmuchfun4 said...

I agree with Miranda. The green background is PERFECT for those LOVELY, purple earrings. I like the landscape version better. It's like the earrings are beautiful, flowers you happened upon deep in the forest.

I also really like the photoshopped trivet version. It is dramatic - you just have to make sure the color of the earrings remains true so buyers won't be disappointed. The thing I've noticed when I photoshop tatting for the blog is that the thread color is usually truer AFTER photoshopping and I get the bonus of the background becoming much more interesting.

In summary - that top pic is ACES!

:) Ann

God's Kid said...

Ooooooh, I love the flower earrings! :)

Krystle said...

Hey all, thanks!

Ann- I agree, the landscape version is better. I have been cropping some to square lately too to gain control over how Etsy thumbnails them :-)

And totally about the color - the editing is usually done to get to the truest color... The dreary washington skies give me light that mutes colors most of the time.

Happy Bluebird said...

I love this long wire style earring - these are pretty, though I'm not a 'flower' person in my jewelry.

The very first picture is the best for me for advertising!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that trivet is a treasure!!

I have to say, that I love those earrings!! and I love even more the green background of the 1st two photos - it adds a dimension of 'leaves' to your flowers.


Elizabeth said...

Love these flowers! Fabulous design and looks great on the long hooks.

Did I read more Vineyard at Dusk is on the way?? Hooray! I'm almost out!

tatterjil said...

These are beautiful! Some of my favorites of your work. One thing I like about these is how it is a natural shape for tatting -- it doesn't look like it was forced into a style that didn't come naturally from the lace-- and at the same time very much like a natural flower, barely stylized at all. I love that these round shapes that look like glorified studs are instead hung on long wires to turn them into surprise danglies. And I love that they are a little Victorian and a little modern, that is a beautiful aesthetic. That's probably enough rhapsodizing -- apparently I could write a whole blog post about how much I love these earrings!

Poranna said...

the flowers are cute and they are very elegant on the long hooks!