September 17, 2010

The Estonian Bride

I am so pleased to have received pictures from Moonika, she was the bride that I did the custom set for back in July. And, she has given me permission to share them with you!
How cute is she! Ah-dorable! It was a traditional Estonian wedding, her dress was handmade and I'll bet is was an absolutely gorgeous and special wedding.

Congrats Moonika! And thank you again for asking me to be a part of your special day.


Kuutydruk said...

Thank you so much for making my day even more special. With your jewelry set my linen dress looked just perfect! :)

Greetings and big hug from Estonia!

Karrieann said...

...ooooh sooooooo beautiful.. Congrats Moonika!
beautiful bride!

Lily said...

Congrats to both bride and groom - aw, they look so cute together (and happy)!!

The tatting looks beautiful - I agree, thanks for sharing!!

jennie b said...

Beautiful bride and beautiful tatting! I wish we could see a close up.

Karrieann said... is the link for a close up!

..just helping Hun! Mom loves you!