October 11, 2010

Ever get a song stuck in your head?

Well I've been singing Love Potion Number 9 in my head for like 36 hours.
So Dr. Vonthreadmore and I named our latest batch thusly.

It's a very interesting batch. Usually we don't use leftover dye more than a few hours after it is mixed..... the colors shift and change over time if left out. I've heard refrigeration helps, but it's more predictable to just mix new each time to attain expected results. This time however, Dr Vonthreadmore neglected to wash out her dye cups for a few days. She begged and pleaded that she's been dying to try some new blending techniques..... I brought up the fact that it had been a few days and we would have no idea what would happen--- That's when I saw that flash of mad scientist in her eyes so I quickly exited the scene.
We only did a few skeins in this colorway, and it was mixed in a way that is completely unrepeatable..... so if you like it, get it before it is gone! I think it turned out great, it fades from a pearly gray to rasberry, with a touch of light lavender.

This pair of earrings is made with one of the solids from the "Of Fairies And Berries" batch. It has the faintest color intensity change to it, you probably can't even see it in the photos. I absolutely love colors like that though, where the change is so gentle that it doesn't interrupt the design in any way, but gives it that extra depth.
These earrings also showcase some new Delica beads that I have aquired. And yes Elizabeth, I am now addicted.


TypsTatting said...

Lovely colour and quite different!

❦TattingChic said...

That's a perfect name! I've heard such good things about the Delicas I'll have to give them a whirl sometime! :D

Jane S. said...

Well I didn't have any song stuck in my head, but now..... ;)

That's a great colorway, do you think you'll be re-using your dyes now that you know it turns out a pretty batch?

Jane S.

John said...

Great colors! Here's a new song for you... Manic Monday.

Mrs. Miles said...

Gorgeous Krystle - each of your batches is a unique work of art and the names, are delicious and delightful.