October 15, 2010

I feel bad.....

...if I don't have pictures to show, or if I only show pictures of stuff going to the shop.

That's why you sometimes see me go several days without a post.

Spanish Dancer in Lizbeth Autumn Spice

I've had a busy week, filling some orders etc. I've had a special order for size 3 crochet thread in my Midsummer Night's Dream colorway, so I will reprise that shortly in tatting sizes as well. I'll be lengthening the skeins to a yard and a half this time, to have the color changes be a little longer.

In other news, I am making a short but necessary foray back into crochet. In my current state of joblessness (been handing out resumes like candy) we are doing all we can to save moola. That means leaving the heat off as much as possible.....we have those darned expensive wall mounted fan things. (the only thing I miss from our former mobile home is the forced air...) So the kids feet have been a little cold. They won't keep socks on their feet (mostly because I don't wear socks I think :-) but they cannot resist the novelty of mommy-made-slippers. In fact, my eldest (3 yrs old) came running out of her room after she woke up..... and ran straight to my tatting/sometimes-crochet corner to see if her promised slippers had been finished. I wanted to put some tatted flowers on them for her, but she won't give back the slippers for a hot second. I'll have to do that while she sleeps I guess, but I think I'll have to sneak in her room and steal them from her feet while she is zonked out. There is a certain satisfaction I gain from her approval of the slippers I must say. Hopefully the baby will like the pair I'm making for her.

Anyway, both are sleeping right now, so I should get to work on the house some. We plan on taking the girls to a cafe to hear some live Jazz played by a friend tonight. (hopefully the cafe staff won't mind that we will be sharing a cookie between the four of us) I am definitely looking forward to a little family fun. Saturday will be spent on the chore of hemming curtains. I purchased them when we had more income, and I was going to have a seamstress do it for me. BUt now I've opened my big mouth and promised hubby that I'd finish them myself this weekend. There are four panels, triple layered, so I'll have to somehow cut them straight, undo the side seams at the bottom, and hem all three layers. Ugh! I cringe at the thought of it. But, the extra insulation on the windows might help the heating bill too...so I can't really argue that. It's because of those darn heaters that i have to do all this hemming anyway......some lazy goofball who lived here before didn't bother to reposition the heaters to logical places when they switched them out from baseboard heaters.....so the curtains all have to be hemmed to the windowsills as to not catch the house on fire.

Anyway, my ramble is over. I'll hopefully be able to show you the slippers with tatted flowers tomorrow, and report on my success or failure with this curtain project. Wish me luck!


hattalahutta said...

Good luck with the curtains! And with the slippers too :)
I can't sew to save my life... I actually own a sewing machine, but I've only used it once and I gave up when the thread tangled up on me when I tried to make a camel :/

Miranda said...

Crocheted slippers and sweaters and afghans and hats... your heating bill will come right down. My great-aunt used to crochet for us when we were kids. I particularly remember one sweater that was done in ripples; the main color was cream and there were stripes in all colors of the rainbow. I loved that sweater, and it sure kept me warm!

And just because it's technically a tatting blog doesn't mean you can't show your crochet as well!

Cindy said...

This is almost totally off topic (tatting)! We keep our heat really low in our bedrooms and each of us has a seed corn bed warmer (AHHH!!!$$$$$)When you've finished hemming the curtains, cut fabric 36" x 18". Fold in half to be 36 x 9, right sides together. Stitch one end and long side, turn right side out. Fill with 3 cups of seed corn and stitch the end closed. Even out the corn and stitch across width in about six places. Heat in microwave for 3 minutes or so. Place down the middle of your bed while you put on PJs and brush teeth. Toasty! Also nice wrapped around your feet while tatting.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Krystle,

My husband and I have been just in your place financially and it's so hard! Even now, though we don't have children at home any more, we choose to be a one income family. It's sometimes so difficult to "make do". But, I want to encourage you - the investment of time with your family is invaluable! I know you may have to take work out to make ends meet (a true shame with your talent!) but in the meantime focus on the joys of being home. I continue to admire you for your pioneering spirit and to lift your family in prayer.

~ Barb