November 11, 2010


Thread sales seem to have dried up. And, admittedly, revenue from my HDT addiction is a big part of what keeps us afloat around here.
Dr. Vonthreadmore won't even speak to me right now.
She is sulking because I have been so busy making jewelry and whatnot that she hasn't been given the opportunity to work since our last batch called "velvet". It was a large batch for us, on the heels of much thread success in the past two months.....and so far we have only sold one skein.
I keep encouraging the Dr, and trying to reason with her..... really I am sure that tatters everywhere are just tightening their spending habits for the holidays. The hope is that jewelry sales will pick up a bit during the gifting season should hopefully (prayerfully!) balance things out, and her fans should be back in force in the spring.
Of course, none of what I said meant anything to her. But when she saw that I was making some flower hair pins in her latest creation, she insisted that I give you all a look at them.
(really the color is hard to capture....this is under my daylight lamp. The purples are deeper and more rich than I am able to show)
Tatted in size 10 "Velvet". These little bobbies are on their way to another Bazaar tomorrow evening/afternoon. I know, another weekday show----weird right? It's even in a dental office lol! But they sought me out, have been advertising well, and expect traffic of 300-400, so here's to hoping for the best.
I hope you all are having a wonderful time whipping up holiday gifts of tatted lacy love! As always, you are all sooooooo encouraging and I appreciate every comment and bit of advice or cheer that you leave for me here, My fabulous friends! I sent in my application this week to teach some jewelry classes at next years Shuttlebirds workshop, so hopefully I will have good news about that soon. Wouldn't that be a blast!!!!


Brooklynne said...

you can tell Dr. Vonthreadmore that there is atleast one tatter out there(me) who would love to buy heaps of her lovely threads if she only had the money in which to buy them

Carla said...

wow...very pretty...nice color

erin said...

Oh, my gosh! I just saw this. I'll be contacting you later this afternoon with an order for this wonderful, luscious colorway! Egads! The Pink and the Orange and the Purple! Oh, my!

Tell Dr. VT to get over it. This, too, is passing. ;-)

Erin in Tenn.

yarnplayer said...

I hope you have a lot of sales at your show! My own experience has been that the finished items sell well at shows, whereas the HDT sells best online.
I'm sure that the Shuttlebirds will be thrilled to have you teach! Wish I could go, but it's just way too far away for me.

Karrieann said...

...I am hoping to go to Shuttlebirds too!!!!