November 13, 2010

Horray for the holiday sale---And the Dr. wants her own shop

I made enough at today's craft show to make the whole ordeal worth my while for sure. Yay! I sold a couple of snowflake items, and several of my flower necklaces. And some wonderful folks have pulled Dr. Vonthreadmore out of her funk by generously purchasing some thread.... in fact she is so far out of her funk that she INSISTS that she should have Her very own shop on Etsy. Her reasoning? Well, if I am doing craft shows more regularly, why should her threads then be unavailable to the rest of the world ? (I put the shop on vacation mode when I do sales for obvious reasons)..... after all I don't take my thread with me to shows. And, when I go to guild meetings once a month, I take my thread stock with me.... so I of course shut down the shop so I don't sell something that sold at the same time online...but that takes my jewelry out of the mix two, because deactivating a few listings for a few hours is a real pain. And, she argues, she only gets one category in our current situation... the jewelry takes up all the rest of the categories. There just isn't room she insists! So, I gave in. After the first of the year I said, she could move into her own Etsy storefront. Right now I just don't have time to make her a all the setup and move all the listings..... but we will be sure to inform you all, in the Dr.'s ususal insistent manner.... when she indeed has made the switch.


Fox said...

You GO, dear Doctor! We know you are DYING to!

Fox ; )

Karrieann said...

..ooooh myyyy word! The Doctor is otta control and youu allow her to walk all over ya!!! (giggles) I am so proud of you Hun.. for working hard and doing well!

Mrs. Miles said...

I'll be the FIRST to sign up for a workshop! (putting up my hand and jumping up and down). And bring thread for purchase too, I'll start saving now. Do you know the dates for this years?