November 21, 2010

Let it.....oh no!

Well, so much for my nice temperate Washington weather.....
Dearest husband of mine is working an overtime shift today, there is a church that meets his school (he is an assistant chief custodian currently) and once a month he gets to work on sunday. 8 hrs of doubletime pay, plus, the girls and I go to that church when he is working so we get to say hi and see him a little. It softens the blow when he has to be away on a weekend day.
Anyway, my darlingest one called me early in the morning....."just checking to see if my alarm was set"....really he was too excited about the white stuff on the ground. Really, he forgot that the church has two services and I was planning on sleeping in as the children had a rough night and I find myself lacking in the zzzzz's department today.
So, as lovely as the snow looks, (this is the baby's first snow!) I now have the pleasure of getting it off my minivan so we can drive to church. Yay. Lol....I haven't pulled out any winter gear for the under 3 crowd around here, I guess that task is now at hand. After Coffee. And a shower.
Snow Snow Snow!
At least maybe now I will feel more inspired to get some more snowflake earrings made for the next holiday show in a few weeks.

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Karrieann said...

... so I guess that you don't want to really know that it was 71 degree at my plave today, huh?