November 19, 2010

It gets me through

Isdihara called it. In her comment on my previous post....
The last thing I wanted to do last night was tat.


I absolutely love tatting, and I am sooooo thankful that it's providing for my family right now. But the factor that has changed, is the reality that tatting is no longer "me time". It used to be that if I needed some time off from the kids, or life,.........I would want to sit in my corner and tat. Now, there are good portions of the week where I have to sit and tat. It's no longer optional when an order has been placed for a custom item :-) Compounded by the holidays of course---it's a smart business choice to offer snowflake and winter items that are easily reproduceable.... but one can only make so many white snowflake earrings without going a little nuts (well, me at least lol). I think the biggest part of it is that all of this high production time that I am focusing on (I have another holiday show in three weeks) I am left without "creative" time. I haven't designed anything new lately because I have been busy filling orders. I thrive on the in the moment, the improvisational, and the unexpected. That's just my personality, probably where the performer in me comes from. Expression of self is key to my sanity.

Anyway, I was in a funk about it last night, until I made the realization that a little "me time" would probably fix me....... so I called upon an old friend.
His name is Gibson.

Most of you know that in my previous job I was the worship director for the church we were attending. For those who aren't used to the churchy lingo, that means that I led and directed the team that plays all our music on Sunday mornings at services.
Now that it's no longer my day job, I have teamed up with a friend of mine who has a home recording studio. We are working on some cover tunes, stuff we can play in coffee shops etc. and he lets me come dink around in his soundbooth and sing to my hearts content. So, my creative outlet has again taken a musical swing, and last night in my need for creative release I took out my Gibson ES-135 (for non-guitarists, that just means I'm a spoiled girl and daddy gives me awesome guitars). It's a sweet guitar. We were made for eachother really. (The inside of the case is hot pink after all...) After a mad and fruitless search for headphones, I resigned myself to an unplugged solo jam session on the couch. Headphones would have allowed me to plug in to some fun noisy guitar pedals. Although after a mention of my lack of headphones on facebook, several friends offered me a pair and I will be thankfully accepting a pair this afternoon so I can have some fulfillingly-plugged-in "me time" this evening.

After the orders are filled of course.


Fox said...

Rock on, Sistah!
Fox : )

yarnplayer said...

For many of those same reasons, I decided a while ago I don't do custom orders.

If I lived closer I'd love to "jam" with you on the guitar and me on cello - but I doubt I'd be able to keep up with you. I bet you're really good!

Karrieann said... it Babe! ... let your heart sing to the Lord!!!

Miranda said...

When you were a pro musician, tatting was your escape. Now you're a pro tatter, and music is your escape. It all works out, as long as you maintain the balance.

Mrs. Miles said...

You are so multiple talented Krystledawn, you would drool over my husband's studio. He too is worship director and the sad thing is, with being a teacher in an adult learning centre, with sometimes hundreds of students (it's drop in) he often suffers a lack of time to practice or record even though it's his gifting and the dream of his heart is to record and have a traveling ministry when we retire. He plays guitar, piano and has an incredible voice and I'll do anything to help him realize his dream. At the moment I'm considering moving our couches out of our front room and replacing it with a grand piano we may have use of. Ha! What's more important - being able to sit in ones front room... Or be blessed by the music my husband will make?

How I understand about your HAVING to tat. Too often I've turned something I've loved into a business venture and had the same feeling dawn on me. I shall pray the Lord will allow you supernatural ability to guard you from being weary of this - I'm so impressed with your vision for the future and wish you all the success!

What's your favorite worship song/hymn? Will we be treated to a sneak of your music? And, just for FUN have you checked out - there's a whole suite of ONLINE software programs ther, free of course you may enjoy playing in. One of them in particular is called MYNA and is for recording!

Thinking of you,


Isdihara said...

Ooh, I'm sitting here envisioning your reunion with Mr. Gibs. He's so sexy he could be a secret agent! And I bet you make beautiful music together. Enjoy!

Jesse said...

That's a very good point to remember! Drawing is my "me time" and I do struggle when I have to do it against a deadline. So all I have to do is another "me time" activity to even things out!