February 22, 2011

Filing. I've resorted to filing.

Today, is avoidance day. Avoiding the inevitable amount of video based tutorials I'll be watching to get this quickbooks thing rolling. I don't want to deal with this so badly that I have resorted to something I hate almost worse than taxes.......filing. In truth, I probably do my filing once a year. during that year I fill drawers and cubbyholes with paper that I'm sure I'll need in the future. So today, goodness knows what posessed me, I grabbed the nearest hot mess of paper and started sorting on my office floor. Currently, there are about 15 piles of documents that need to be put in the file drawer. I'm avoiding that right now by bringing you this blog post :-)

Above you will see a little snapshot of an idea I had last year during the hectic craft show season. I plan on further developing this little bird charm idea with different colors, sets with earrings, etc. For now, one little necklace is up and listed in the shop.

Big Thank You to those who have recently made hand dyed thread purchases....It has had the desired effect of making Dr. Vonthreadmore pester me incessantly to get her thread wound.


God's Kid said...

That's a cute pendant and would be an awesome spring pendant with probably some sky blue and grassy green,, and maybe a little flower, but it's only a thought. :)

Sally Kerson said...

look forward to your new ideas for jewellery. Filing is so so boring and time consuming, I do exactly the same fill up drawers etc with paper work until things have to be sorted.

Linda said...

Cute idea! People like little cute birds and little cute animals.

tatterjil said...

Too cute! I love how simple, adorable, and unique this design is.

Mrs. Miles said...

Aw, how "tweet" KrystleD. You have a true gift for design and I'm praying you will sell a gazillion of these.

Erm - fraid we let H & R do all our taxes, I get serious brain freeze when I even think about number crunching.

Thanks for sharing!

~ Barb