February 25, 2011

Stress Stress, ahhgh Stress!

Sigh. Two Quickbooks consultants have failed me this week. I'm starting to wonder if I've entered my own personal Groundhog day in which my taxes are never completed, the kitchen counter still has crumbs all over, and I'll never ever sell another piece of jewelry again. Pardon the forthcoming small business owner rant..... but seriously. One of my items was even featured in the "related items" section in this ETSY.com blog post. (You'll also notice our friends Totusmel and Ladyshuttlemaker in that mix) With the several hundred extra views that feature sent my way, I was hoping to gain a little momentum, encouragement via sales....but nada. It's a lovely article. But I'm absolutely not sure what I'm gonna do other than pray if February ends and I still have only one jewelry sale for the entire month. (please don't take this as a plea for anyone to hurry up and buy my jewelry, this is just my personal vent time....)

I'm sure God has things all figured out, but I'm just bewildered because it seems as if my sales have just vanished in thin air. I haven't had a month with such low sales in a year, and at this point last month I wasn't workin' nearly as hard at it. And the electric bill was astronomical this month. (breath, Krystle, breathe!)
Anyways. My drivers license is still unrenewed. The weather took a hard turn and I decided it was not best to be drivin in the early morning on ice rink streets. My taxes are unfiled as I've yet been unable to get my software up and running to process my information. I contacted two consultants, the first cancelled and referred me to a directory of other consultants, and the second failed to show at our appointment time today. Turns out she was stuck with another client, but I was pacing the floor with palpatations for two hours waiting for her to come, trying to figure out when I would make it to the grocery store to pick up food, because of course there is "nothing to eat" and we have a birthday party tomorrow. Have I ever told you how I really can't handle party planning or hostessing? It stresses me out more than taxes. I don't know why, and I wish it weren't that way. But it is.

So. In the midst of all my tumult, I did take a tatting break. And instead of making anything I "had" to make, I put together one of my favorite projects (pictured above). The hair combs are so much fun, because I just let the design grow as I go. In fact, I had a completely different set of beads and crystals picked out for this comb. The ones I did end up using were part of a bridal crown, given to me by a friend who was sad to see it sitting unused and wanted it to have a new life. No two combs will ever be alike, they are like little canvasses, my own artwork where I can just let my brain go and not bother to count stitches. (you can click on the picture or the link to see the other pictures of it in the etsy listing.)

Now I bid you adieu, I am off to unwind myself so I can set aside my stress and be ready to fully enjoy what I know will be a wonderful princess birthday party tomorrow. My little big girl turns 4 years old! How grand is that. I am feeling better already just thinking about it. I think I'll go stuff the pinata, using that as an excuse to sneak a little of the candy for myself :-)


Isdihara said...

Wow. Just wow. That tatted lace and rhinestone hair comb is dazzling! It reminds me of the butterfly hair combs that were shown in Jame Cameron's blockbuster film Titanic.

Take heart RE lackluster ETSY sales. My twin sister's Etsy shop is faring similarly to yours and she is equally stressed. Things will improve!

Give my best to your darling birthday princess!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your hair comb is stunning! I would buy one if I had enough hair to hold a comb. Alas, I am very lazy. Therefore, I keep my hair short... one quick brush and I'm done for the day!

I'm sure sales will improve soon. Maybe everyone is playing catch-up from Christmas.

Jesse said...

I hope the party goes well! Everything else sounds very stressful, and I hope it improves. I've had a similarly slow month on Etsy - but your tatting break is very inspiring. I usually have to fight the urge to curl up into a ball when things get like this - doing some fun work sounds like a much better remedy.

Eliz (tatknot) said...

That comb is absolutely gorgeous! These are difficult economic times for sellers and buyers alike. Your quality is high. Hang in there. Things will turn around.

God's Kid said...

That is a wonderful haircomb!!! :)

Fox said...

The hair comb is positively delightful!

Remember, February is a notoriously slow month for retailers. Hang in there.

Happy Birthday to your little one! Time goes faster with each year, doesn't it!
♥ Fox : )

The Chung Family said...

Absolutely beautiful!

And make sure at least a few pieces of candy make it into the pinate, k? ;)

Gala Jewelery said...

Love the idea!