March 11, 2011

Retail therapy, business style.

Are those EZ-bobs? Why yes, they are. They are in fact wound full of chain in all sorts of colors and styles. And they now reside in my drawer.
After a small sort of maybe I should quit trying and go flip burgers sort of cry on the phone with my hubby last night, after which I was thououghly re-encouraged, we decided that I needed to be out of the house for a break. I have had some wonderful ideas dancing in my head for months, so this morning I set sail for Shipwreck beads. This bead megastore is about 45 minutes from my house, so I usually wait until I have a good list of things I need before I go all that way.
My husband really is the best, and a few minutes on the phone usually sets me right in my times of emotional crumble. I'm blessed in the fact that he has a job where I can generally call him whenever I want/need. He's good at letting me vent a little steam and then helping me set my feet right under myself again. His emotional rescue, and today's retail therapy (all in the name of business of course) and I am fully inspired and ready to tackle the world, as well as my still looming, but in progress accounting project.
I came home from the big bead store, amazingly enough, without a single bead. Hubby was almost beside himself when I called on my way home and told him such a thing. Tee hee! No beads, but lots of other things lol. I bought yards and yards of different colors of chains. Silver, Copper, Gunmetal, and antiqued brass and silver. Woo! Of course, I needed matching earwires, jumprings, and assorted findings in each color.
I won't tell you how much I spent.
Anyway, I have these plans for some chain-y deconstructed designs, with tatted linking's all still in my head, but I will be pulling out my dear friend the mannequin body for some layout assistance...


Karrieann said...

***GASPED*** What? Not a bead? OhMyGosh! You know how hard that is! heeheehee. I miss Shipwreck, not for the beads but because they do have other stuff that gets the creative juices going again!

Enjoy Hunny!

Miranda said...

This all sounds very interesting. I can't wait to see what you've got going.

I do understand the need for chains and other findings, but not a single bead??? You need to go back!

Tattin' Kat said...

Can't wait to see what you have planned!!!

I hope that the trip and the talk helped you to keep life in perspective. From personal experience, I know that can be hard to do staying home with the precious ones :)

Gina said...

Your hubby sounds like a peach! It's a amazing how spousal support emotionally can fuel the inspirational fires.