April 5, 2011

If you want some thread......and a tester found!

For any of you that are hoping to get some HDT, I will make sure you have the opportunity!!! I won't have time to get it listed on ETSY before I leave, but I'll put up my email address and a list of what is available, and I can set some aside for you to purchase when I return. Does that sound like a good plan?

Also, I am putting together some handouts, and could use a set of eyes to try them out for me. Specifically, I need a tatter who does NOT know how to cover a cabone ring with stitches. I am making a picture tutorial, and I want to test it out on someone to see if the instructions are clear. if you meet this criteria, and are able to finish testing no later than Thursday Night this week, send me an email at krystledawne (at) gmail.com. Your help would be so appreciated! The first draft will be sent out to my tester this evening. (edited to add- my tester has been found! Thank you all for your willingness to help out, I couldn't do it without you!!! If I have anything else that needs a look over, I'll be sure to let you know.)


Anonymous said...

Yay. Sounds like a good plan : ))
*skipping around the room, clapping her hands at the thought of HDT*

: )

Mimi said...

I think this is wonderful! I hope your found tatter has fun with a the technique!

Shannon McElfresh said...

I have never tatted over a cabone ring. I would like to try your instructions out.

Mrs. Miles said...

I would love to try too, Krystle but I think you've found someone as well!

Hope you had a good day,

~ Barb

ps - my sister made a really pretty card using a tatted flower I made quite a while ago - she glued pearls INSIDE each petal on a card. | will have to fish up the link for it to show you!