April 8, 2011

Oh the thread of it all

Dr. Vonthreadmore is pleased, and I am in pain lol.

(Probably 70+ done skeins so far, another 40 or so coming tomorrow)

Winding. Mixing. Painting. Rinsing.......and the cleanup! Wshew! Let me tell you from EXPERIENCE that Hand Dyed Thread sellers earn every penny. And I'm not saying that to toot my own horn. I'm saying it because I love every skein of hand dyed thread that I have myself bought from the other gals.....love it even more now after a year or so doing it myself! I know the painstaking dedication it takes. (emphasis on pain lol, anybody have some extra Ibuprofen???) Some of you may remember the days of the 'oops' thread.... those days are thankfully over after much practice, and much patience.

This week so far I've finished a bach of Vineyard at Dusk, Of Berries and Fairies, and a new batch as well. Aren't you 'Dyeing' to see it Mwahahahahaha!!!!!! (I keep telling Dr. Vonthreadmore to stay out of my blog posts, but she keeps sneaking in :-)

I thought I would show you this pair of custom earrings that I made for one of our tatting blog friends, I've been so busy that it took me quite awhile to get them finished, but I'm quite pleased. She is too, and that makes me even happier. :-)

Sweet dreams to you all, I'm off to finish my final handout for my bracelet class next week... Once I am back in town I should will be tatting like a madwoman to get ready for the Farmers Market. May 1st is my debut!


Anonymous said...

What's the new batch, what colour??? Oooh I'm not good at waiting.
(with credit card at the ready LOL)

Karrieann said...

You and Dr. V. rock on!!!!!
and I'll keep the Lil Angels busy so you can tat all you like for the Market.

...see you on Tuesday!!!!!

Linda said...

I love the way you added all the extras to these tatted earrings.

yarnplayer said...

So right on!!! We thread dyers put so much work and love into our HDT - and then people wonder why we don't instantly have the color they're looking for...arghh! I am so glad you did this post. Have fun at ShuttleBirds! Wish I could go, too, sob, sob...have fun for me :-)