August 23, 2011

Good afternoon

I spent some time today taking pictures, updating a few listings and adding some new necklaces to the shop. It was quite the adventure, as the sun kept peeking in and out of the clouds.....the white balance on my camera couldn't keep up! I took about 200 self shots wearing several necklaces, and ended up keeping about 10.

Right now the girls are watching the movie Tangled, and snacking on popcorn. I'm on my way to the garage to retrieve my tatting supplies (they got unloaded from the van after the market this weekend and haven't been brought in to be used yet). I'll need to catch up on earrings this week, probably need to make 10 or so pairs to fill up the rack. I keep promising myself that I am going to get started on making pumpkin and snowflake earrings early this year.... yeah, that'll never happen!


Fox said...

Beautiful photo of you!
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

A productive afternoon indeed!

I love you new hairstyle (and the tatting to, it goes without saying!).

And LOL about making seasonal stuff earlier next year - that be one of the things most often promised and less often done!

Anonymous said...

The 2 most important things I noticed about the photo:

1. The colors of the necklace make your eyes look a deep amber-honey

2. I forget (i'm stuck on the whole color combination thing)

Oh yes, I love the new hair-do!

You know, I think your photography is good - I think it is "Photo stock" worthy.

Krystle said...

aww shucks guys!

Mrs. Miles said...

Ahhh - I have confidence you WILL get a pumpkin or snowflake set done... soon as the frost hits the grass in the mornings and the world turns crisp and golden your fingers will know what to do all on their own... and when the snow flies, why flakes will magically appear, spun out of Dr. Von Threadmore's gossamer strands.

Excellent photo Krystle!

What program do you use to process your photos?

Happy Tatting,

Krystle said...

Hey Barb, thanks! I use Google's Picasa, just because it's quick.

Allison said...

Love the necklaces that you have added! They are stunning! I have to confess that my sister and I just watched Tangled and we loved it! Such a cute girly Disney movie! :) Have a great day!