August 22, 2011

From all around the globe.

Postcards have arrived! Dr. Vonthreadmore seems to be making excellent time in her travels, quotes from the postcards that have arrived so far are beneath the photos.

These first three came all together in an envelope. It would seem that Dr. V is not completely without scruples as she allowed them to be sent together to spare Miranda the postage for multiple cards.

From the first : "While she was here, Dr. V naturally had to visit all the art museums in Santa Fe. Her favorite was the Georgia O'keeffe Museum in Northern New Mexico.........we were both struck by the way O'keeffe gently blended her colors, much like the Dr. does on her threads. (if she does say so herself)."

From the card in the top right corner, "Dr. V wanted you to see how many different colors of chile peppers there are...."

and the bottom card, "Do you really get sunsets like this all the time? asked the Dr, in awe. I assured her we do, this is one reason why it's called the land of enchantment.

This card was sent form across the pond with the note that Dr. Von may have been at Barnstaple enjoying a cream tea at the Cafe. Thank you for keeping an eye on her when she is so far from home! I love the pretty roses on those cottage windows!

This one came from Rockingham N.C. Tina and Dr. V take us back in time with this lovely vintage card.

More entries to show you in the next few days... until then, there is still plenty of time in case you too spot Dr. Vonthreadmore in her travels. You can read more about the contest here. Many thanks to those who have taken the time to assist her by sending an inspiring postcard my way.

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