November 22, 2011

Sale season

Thankfully, Craft sale season is over for me :-) It was such a whirlwind getting ready for it, and doing all three events within two weeks... wshew! Anyway, Dr. V is in her usual state of agitation. The craft shows generated quite a few custom orders, all of which are due by December 1st. So I'm still not quite ready to delve into the dye. Sad, but true. The itch is there - in fact I spent this afternoon COMPLETELY cleaning out and moving Tat Corner (so we can put the christmas tree up tomorrow) and in handling all the colors of thread I started dreaming and scheeming. The other thing at the top of the list is my teacher submission for shuttlebirds..(due by the end of the month).. It will be on time, I swear! Just barely you can bet.


Michelle said...

What a lovely display! I'm thrilled it went so well for you!

Jessica said...

Nice set-up!

Mrs. Miles said...

Mrs Krystle - you're amazing. I did two craft fairs and that near killed me. Love your set up

I'm praying specially for you my friend that the Lord richly blesses you and your family through this o so busy season.

Sending you hugs!