November 9, 2011

When I'm not tatting I'm.............

For those interested in my extracurricular activites, you can visit that link up there to listen to a quick demo of a song that I am taking to be critiqued at the Songwriter's bootcamp at the Christian Musician Summit tomorrow.

As far as tatting goes, I'm still in scramble mode, pumping out hairclips and post earrings as fast as I can. My final craft show of the season is this Saturday and Sunday. I had two last week, and did pretty darn well, which means of course that I am way behind right now.....and tomorrow's adventure takes me out of the house for around 14 hours, so that leaves me Friday to get things done. I've been having lots of fun doing in person craft selling again, and I've got several custom orders in the hopper as well. Yay!

One of these days I'll do a post about things I hear most often at craft shows, my favorite being this: (said with a sceptical glance) "Do YOU do all the work?'' (as if I have a little granny filled lacemaking sweatshop in my garage. Trust me, this is the time of year that I really wish that were the case!)

Well, Ta ta all. Dye season is just around the corner. After this weekend I can pace myself well to finish out the custom work and work in a few batches of thread. First up will be another round of Wisteria lane, just to get back in the swing of things. After that I'll start on the prize winning colorways.

**** Thanks for the reminder Patti! To add to the list, Shuttlebirds teacher submissions are due by the end of the month lol! Could there be any more going on? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow and this weekend. With your busy schedule, I hope you haven't forgotten the Shuttlebirds deadline on the 30th.


Ladytats said...

sounds like a busy lady. glad you are having fun with all that you do, it makes it easier. woo hoo Wisteria Lane I love that colorway. dibs on 2 skeins(to be sure I can finish) of size 40.

Sharon said...

Good luck with the show/sale and the song. While thinking of Shuttlebirds submissions, think also of Palmetto in September. I'd love to take a class with you!

Anonymous said...

Love your voice. : )Bev

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Krystle,

I am always in awe when I visit you here - you are JUST like my husband (noooo Dr. Von Threamore is NOT a guy, I'm not saying that!!!) But you are both very musically talented and seem to have the ability to do anything you set your heart too.

Ok, I seem to have more stuff do do than I could ever find time for too, and love every chaotic happy second of it, which brings me to this question for you... what do you do when someone tells you they are the "B" word - that being "bored" haha! It always takes me aback.

You have a very strong and powerful voice, nice choice of songs - you wrote the one?

It must be your husband and family support you and stand behind you - thats wonderful. I want you to know that I pray the Lord continues to annoint you as you minister with the talents you've been given. If you EVER travel up here (really, you're not so far, believe it or not) come play at our church!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.


Mrs. Miles said...

Ok, Krystle, I had to leave another small quick comment because I want to ask you a silly question for your blog...hehe - have you ever tatted something new with absolutely no end idea in mind? Something just for fun, a new idea? Just curious! I find I'm doing so many fun and creative things lately they are all flowing into each other and I'm making some things just for the fun of it. So, nother question, have you ever used something recycled in your projects?

Pesky Barb

Krystle said...

Barb- hahaha! Let me try to answer you here,

1- I blink my eyes at them and say that I have no idea what that word means

2-yes I did write it, it's going back for some revisions after I got some good professional critique at the event.

3- I'm sure I have, probably in my first year of the blog. Nowadays, I have little to no tatting "free time". all of the custom work is based on currently available designs, so I'm always busy working on the same old things lol. It's been a LONG time since I've tatted just for the heck of it. Most things I make start with a general idea, but they very often stray from that in practice lol.

(what number are we on now? :-P)-I've recycled pieces of broken jewelry into tatting before... you might find it if you search for rhinestones on the blog. I'm too lazy to look for it now, but if you really want to see it I'll fish it out for ya :-)

Blessings to you Darlin!

Krystle said...

Found it Barb!