February 6, 2012

I fought the Dr.....

....And she won.

It was a tooth and nail battle over my credit card when it came time to place an order for dye and supplies today. Dr. Vonthreadmore insisted on many new colors of dye. And double quantities of all other consumable products.

While she cackles merrily around the room, savoring her victory over my more sensible nature, I can tell you about Shuttlebirds!!!! If you haven't registered yet, go take a look. I'm teaching three different classes.
Our travel plans are being made and I get to take a year off of driving (woo!). A full teaching schedule is pretty taxing I must admit, so thank you in advance to Bugsy who is taking one for the team by driving this year. We've also decided to room at a different hotel than in past years, so that we can be closer to the LPS gals who live up north. It's gonna be a fun year.

Anyways, the sun is shining, so we are going to go play outside!

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