February 7, 2012

Tatting? On This blog????

Look! Actual, real life, tatting. And it's not beaded, or hanging from a chain or earwire, nor encased in resin. At no point will it have a price tag. I don't have to pay taxes on it!

Just. Tatting.

Now, it's not completely tatting for tatting's sake. It is part of a private swap of sorts on Ravelry. They will be sent off along with a few others that have yet to be made, to become decor on a hexipuff blanket.

The three larger motifs are from Mini tats. So they are all under 2". The butterfly is just a doodle.

The sad part of being a production tatter, is that tatting is officially "work". I'm sure I've talked about this before.... but for some reason, once I have to do something, it's not as much fun. This is a pretty universal thing for my personality. So, tatting time is work time, and me time becomes something else. Lately that something else has been knitting. For a few months I think. Since shortly before Christmas I know that much, because that was when I asked for my Knitpicks options interchangeable needle set. Since then I've made socks, and hats (to cover my hair that I'm growing out... the "ugly" stage will be the better part of a year.) and I've embarked on my first sweater project. And since this is my blog and I can knit if I want to, (anybody catch the song reference? Ten points if you do.), you may from time to time see some knitting. I promise this is not about to become a knitting blog. You tatters can hang in there with me and I won't leave you! Really!
Anyway, in saying all that, what I was really thinking about is how nice it was to do a bit of good ol' double stitchin in those little motifs. Kinda going back to my tatting roots. It was a nice moment. :-)


Karrieann said...

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I want to!


Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Krystle,

This is so normal, we have "seasons" of our lives and its really good to allow your creations to truly come from your heart. When it becomes production I feel the exact same as you. Honestly even if I make up a whole line of things but not FOR to stock anywhere I still love it, but the moment someone "custom orders" or that sort of thing I kind of freeze creatively. It feels like a job.

I think you are wise to give yourself a break.

I always enjoy your posts, they too come from your heart.


Marilee Rockley said...

Ditto what Mrs. Miles said, wise observations.
Just have fun!

Ladytats said...

I can remember that song to Karrieann.
Krystle, we often need to let out our other muses, it never fails to amaze me to see how many of us Tatters do other kinds of crafting. crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing, painting,(which is also one of your muses, you just do your painting on skeined threads instead of a woven thread canvas.) pottery.... and music, there are several accomplished musicians who tat.

Miranda said...

Oh yeah, sometimes I take a break from my music and just tat, or take a break from tatting and just play music. It's always great when I can do both, but I can't do both all the time. I can imagine how that feeling is amplified when you are doing it for a living. I'm so glad you have other things to have fun with!

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

You would knit too, if it happened to you!

I agree with what the other ladies have said - and add that you're not alone in your feeling that if you have to do something, it's no longer fun (been there, done that). The good part is that once you've done a pattern 100 times, you can let your mind wander a little bit while you tat and not have to pay strict attention!