February 3, 2009

Fluffy Celtic!

Here is my latest bit of tatting. It's a little fluffier than I thought it would be---you can't tell while it's flattened under the lid of the scanner (needs blocking too. I must admit my first stop with any new tatting is the scanner, I'm too impatient to get it all wet before posting a picture!). It is called Blooming Trellis by Eliz Davis, size 20 flora. I'm not really thrilled by the colors, but it's what I have on hand. I used several new techniques on this one, and that was really exciting for me. Split rings on the red part, I've done them one at a time but this was an excellent opportunity to develop a rhythm in doing them. The yellow round has Scmr's all over it and it's the first time I've done those in mass quantity as well.

The online tatting class is working on some Jane Ebborall beaded patterns this week. I'm not sure if I want to try yet, but Wally posted her flower on her blog and I'm finding myself tempted. I need to go over the pattern again and see if I need to pre string the beads at all, I really would hate that part. I'd rather add them as I go along I think. And, I have tons of beads, and it would be a big mess to take them out......and the draw tatting has for me is that it's usually a very portable, easy to pick up and put down type craft. I just don't know. Maybe when I get some new thread colors. I have to wait until the end of the month to put in an order, I want to get Mary Konior's book "tatting with visual patterns", and I want a few more of the sew mate shuttles. I also think I'll try some of the new Lizbeth thread that HH is getting in this month. But, we are trying to save money and I'm putting myself on a spending freeze for a few weeks. I also need to be sure that I follow through with tatting, I tend to be a flavor of the month crafter, sometimes I lose interest in things so I want to be sure I'll keep going before I invest in more books and thread. The 25 motif challenge is keeping me motivated, as well as the class.....in fact, I found out that Mimi from class is in Snohomish, and that there is a lace guild that meets nearby! They do mostly bobbin lace, but she says there is a small group of tatters there too. I might go check it out some time, my daughter's birthday party is the same time as their next meeting, so it might be march before I get the chance. Happy tatting to you all, I'm off to study that beaded pattern. Must decide my next motif! I really want to do the Quantiesque snowflake, but in pretty colors........again waiting till I get more new thread :-)


'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Stunning!!! Wonderful tatting!!!!

TattingChic said...

Your celtic bookmark look very nice and fluffy, indeed! How nice that you were able to get onto the online class! I couldn't log on!

Needledreams said...

The bookmark looks great! Lovely colors. This pattern is on my list but haven't take time to make it yet. The beads on Jane's pattern doesn't need to be strung on the threads, just add them as you go.