August 16, 2011

And now for something NEW!

Ta Daa!

Introducing post style earrings from Krystledawne Fine Lace Jewelry!

I've had several requests online and at the Farmers Market, so, ask and you shall receive! I have four pairs up and listed as of this blog post, and I hope to have 12 or more pairs ready for market this weekend. I've updated some of my displays so I'll have to take along the camera and show you what I've been up to every weekend. :-)

I've chosen surgical steel posts. I know lots of ladies are sensitive, I get itchy ears from silver in fact, so hopefully these will be comfy for all.

In other news, I've received several postcards this week! Dr. Vonthreadmore seems to be making good time getting from one corner of the globe to the next..... I'll show each postcard to you all, starting sometime this week. If you would like to read more about Dr. Vonthreadmore's Globetrotter Giveaway, click HERE. You can win some of my hand dyed thread or custom jewelry!


Michelle said...

Aren't they absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous!

God's Kid said...

Very nice earrings! :)

Tattin' Kat said...

I like them!!! I think that the Dr might be coming my way soon :)

Poranna said...

really cute! :o)

Karrieann said..., um.. which one is mine?
(They're lovely Kiddo!)


yarnplayer said...

These are so pretty! I'm sure you'll get lots of sales.

Surgical steel should be good for most folks. I can't wear any kind of post earring, myself, not any kind of metal or even plastic, I don't know why. If I stick to the hook style in niobium, then I'm okay. My ears are just "weird", I guess :)

Anika said...

Those are so pretty! Of course, you never disappoint. And brilliant with the surgical steel. "Iffy" metals, like even gold or silver, just cause problems for me. Not fair. :-/


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Very cute earrings! Your jewelry is always lovely.

In the 1950s it wasn't a trend for us pre-teens and teens to have pierced ears, and I still have no desire to have them pierced (too chicken)! I am amazed to see how many people are willing to do this! It's now considered very odd NOT to have pierced ears!

Glad to see you are persevering in doing craft shows as a vendor. You are now quite a veteran! Your displays are excellent - AND you are making tatting visible! But it's a LOT of work, and the outdoor shows add that weather factor!

lydia c s said...

Krstle, will you be at farmers market this weekend? I might come by... A group of my lady friends from church came down I think last week and saw you and bought some jewelry I didn't know till I saw a necklace and earrings on one of them and I said... Are those from Krystledawn at the farmers market?? They were very nice!! Hope to see you soon. - lydia

Krystle said...

Yeah I'll be there Lydia!

Jane S. said...

What a good idea to use the surgical steel posts. I love the looks of the brass wires that so many people use now, but my tender lobes just can't handle that much weird metal!

Love the post flower earrings, they are so pretty.