May 27, 2010

Where have I been?

I just love how life goes. Totally unexpectedly.
Anyway, after the last few posts, you all probably figured that I was too busy doing other things to post.......
But truth be told, I have been too busy TATTING!
Long story short, I have a friend who offered to team up with me and do a craft show (she has a scrapbooking business called JustYesterday. you can find her on etsy under that name) Anyway, there was a small show coming up, and after not much thought (!) I agreed to go for it even though it was only a week away. How hard could it be? (Mwahahahahaaa)
So, I spent the entire next week (to the neglect of almost all housework) preparing. I got in a mad frenzy and made all new packaging and earring cards, built some display, ordered some display, and went to five stores to find all the stuff I needed, and I pretty much doubled my inventory of Jewelry!
I can't beleive that I got it all done, and it would not have been so had my hubby not stepped up to the plate majorly with the kids and the house. He let me sit in my chair and tat like crazy! I made a gazillion pairs of earrings, 6 pairs of hairclips, four haircombs, two bracelets, and at least one necklace.

Here is one of the new things that came from all this productivity.....a darling little haircomb with some swarovski sparkle thrown in for good measure. It didn't actually make it to the show, my step-mom saw it and had to have it :-)

Anyway, here you can see my display at the show. The earring rack is from a seller on etsy, Wulds workshop. My Grandma (the one who went to shuttlebirds with me) got it for me as a gift. The wire thing in the middle holding the hairclips is a little silver stand that I found at a garage sale across the street just a few days before the craft sale, such luck because usually I don't make time to go to garage sales! The stand on the right that is on the blue riser is what hubby and I put together with stuff from the wood section from joann.

The show was fun, albiet not as profitable as I would have liked. (I little more than broke even) It turned out to be more than half direct sales (partylite, arbonne, avon, name it, they were there) Now I have nothing against direct sales, but it's hard for handicrafts to compete with all the "special deals" and whatnot that they offer. That's a whole other topic..... Anyway, the friend I mentioned who shared the table with me, is someone I hadn't seen in a long time. So we got to catch up and make plans for future craft shows, and we also made friends with another etsy seller who was there. So I would not call the effort a loss. I'm all prepped for upcoming craft shows, and I'm motivated to try and see if I can contribute a little income by putting some more effort into the etsy shop. In fact, a new display piece should be here today, so I should be able to get some lovely new photos.

Thank you all for your kind comments, I so love to hear from you.

May 9, 2010

So long overdue....

How selfish of me to keep such a treasure all to myself!
Fox was kind enough to agree to anexchange earlier this year. We had agreed to make bookmarks for eachother and I've been holding on to this beauty since I received it in February.
She did a lovely job of tatting it, the design is Mary Konior, I recognize the thread as Marilee's, and the lovely addition of the beads was all Foxy. She sent a lovely package filled with beads and treasures and I am so happy to have made a wonderful friend through this exchange. Thank you again Fox, you should be so proud of the work you is thouroughly enjoyed :-)
And I think I have found a good solution to my time delimma/crisis etc. I think I'll aim to do one post a week. That way, I don't lose touch with everyone, and I can still enjoy other pursuits as well as some sanity lol!
I am so blessed by all of your comments and encouragements. You really brighten my day, so feel free to leave me a little message any time! Thank you my friends.... See you 'round the blog!

May 7, 2010

My day Job

Lately I have been somewhat frustrated. There seems to be so much to do, and so little time to do it with. I can't seem to be able to cram it all in! I'd love to dedicate more time to my ETSY business and make some more dough, I'd love to focus on designing jewelry patterns and release a book. Some things you may not know about me--I'm an aspiring songwriter, so I'd love to spend more time focusing and getting my work together for a recording project, I'd love to perform outside of my ministry and branch into different areas of music, I'd love to go back to studying the guitar and piano.
The good news for me, is that most of the things I have to do, are things I like. Take this photo for instace-

This picture was taken last night at my church band rehearsal (that's technically my day's the one I'm paid for). In it you can see myself, with my daughter Meirah strapped to my back, and that's her Grandfather (he plays guitar on my team) holding the sunglasses on her face. So as you can see I do have a good time. The ministry we do is significant and I would never trade that. In fact, I'd still be doing it if I wasn't paid, I often forget that I do in fact have a real job.
The tough part for me is that I am not a naturally organized person in any facet of my life. I have difficulty planning ahead. In fact, I work best last minute, under the gun, and by the seat of my pants. That unusual skillset lends itself well to handling an ever chaning onstage environment, so it is not without use. The frustration is, that if I was better at implementing routine in my life, I might have time for my other aspirations. Right now I'm lucky if dinner is planned and the kids are clean. Don't ask me about laundry. Laundry is my nemesis.
So what does all of this mean to you? Well, it means that I dearly desire to be more involved in the tatting community, and contribute more. Alas I am not able to invest here at the blog in the way I'd like. So, I have to cut my strings of obligation to this blog. No, I'm not going away, I just need to have an internal discussion with myself about priorities, and let myself not feel guilty about spending less time here. Silly how I do that to myself :-)
Anyway, I do have a posting that is long overdue. I need to get other things started around here today, but I will fulfil the obligation of posting a tatted item I received in an exchange later on today. She has graciously posted about the item I sent her, and it's incredibly rude that I have not done the same. I offer my apologies and regrets, and will do the piece justice in my next post.

May 3, 2010

Goodie Goodie Goodness!

Much in the way of weather has been wacky around here. In fact, today my neighbor came to the door with the mail I had put in the mailbox to be sent....he found it soaking wet in his front yard! Seems that the wind had blown the mailbox open and sent it across my yard, about 200 feet or so. Good thing he found them too- one was my mortgage payment! Also in the mailbox, soaking wet, was my latest sold ETSY item (The Lady of the garden set sold the day I listed it!). It didn't get blown away but it needed to be repackaged. Needless to say, I will be aquiring a new mailbox soon. We can't have precious packages getting blown about can we? Especially when wonderful things like these are finding their way to my house...
That's right! "I'm in the garage" has been very busy creating some special shuttles for me. The significance of the train is that Reverend Awdry is the one who wrote the Thomas the Tank engine stories. Well, my three year old daughter is in love with Thomas so when I got wind of Sally's posession of the wood mentioned in the above picture, I quickly contacted her to obtain these special shuttles.

Here you can see a few of the things that came in this wonderful package. Three post shuttles, the two with woodburning on them are similar, both have a train on one side and my daughter's name on the other. I plan on ....ehem "breaking them in" for her and then teaching her to tat with them when she reaches a suitable age. The butterfly shuttle is mine all mine all mine MwAHAHAHAHAhahaaaa.......... Sorry, got carried away there. Sally also sent some birthday decorations for Ivria's next birthday, a nice green pouch, and a BEAUTIFUL tatted butterfly bookmark. Just the nicest package to brighten one's day! Sally and 'm in the garage were kind enough to send me these shuttles in exchange for a box of wood that I thought might be suitable for making shuttles. I must say, I have aquired some of the most unique (and long distance!) friendships through this thing called tatting. Thank you Sally and the ever intrepid "I'm in the garage"!!!!

More about the shuttles once I've given them a good test drive :-)