March 21, 2010

And the winner is......

Congratulations to Robert Kent in northern Iowa!

your name was drawn to receive a skein of Earthy Rainbow thread.

I'll be contacting you about where it should be sent.

And a small amount of the thread in sizes 40 and 20 Lizbeth is now available!

Thank you all for your lovely comments.... The concern for Dr. Von Threadmore's whereabouts seems to have been unwarranted though, I found her under the couch with a box of fruit loops. She seems to be pretending that nothing at all happened, and said something about me please not interfering with her color inspiration process.

March 18, 2010

It all started on Monday.....

It was late in the evening after the children had been tucked into bed. There I stood, in the glorious mess that was my kitchen. The greater part of me wanted to say "heck with it" and go to bed, until I heard a voice say-But wouldn't you feel so much better if your kitchen were all nice and clean in the morning????--- It was good old Dr. Von Threadmore. I gave it some thought as she continued. ---you know how it is, you start your day by digging yourself out of the culinary mess that is this portion of the house....and you don't get done until bedtime AGAIN. It's a vicious cycle, and I just hate to see you feel so down. You can do it. You can get this done and have a wonderful day tomorrow being all caught up and having that great sense of accomplishment that you long for......go on,----- She was right and I knew it. I wondered where this burst of encouragement and wisdom had come from though. After all, she hasn't said much to me lately. I think she was feeling neglected or something... I haven't let her out to work since before the move, ..and she's not usually the chummy type anyway. But alas, I finally agreed. So off I went. I scrubbed and cleaned and mopped and then finally flopped in my tatting corner chair. Dr. V sat down on the sofa across from me and gave me a bravo for my hard work and dedication. --- It's all done now she said. Now you're all ready for a brand new day tomorrow.--- Quite pleased with my housework and with our new found camaraderie, we both headed off to bed without another thought.

The next day went off without a hitch. I was able to keep the kitchen looking spiffy all day and I even got the laundry done that morning before lunch. Dr. V wandered through the house off and on all day to say hello and show her approval of my housewifery. And at the end of the evening after the little ones bedtime routine, I sat down with great pleasure in my lovely tatting corner with the satisfaction of the days accomplishment behind me, and a couple hours of uninterrupted time ahead of me to tat. But as soon as I picked up my shuttles, I heard the strangest sound! It was a kind of whoosh....... and then all went dark.

The next morning I awoke from my bed, slightly confused as I didn't remember the events that got me there. Scratching my head I figured that hubby must have taken me to bed when he got home from his shift. Once I entered the kitchen however, it became all too clear.

Chemicals were everywhere. Dye pots had yet to be rinsed, and there were tools and measuring spoons strewn about. I couldn't believe it. I looked around a little more until I checked the laundry room. A wall of warm air hit me as I opened the door..... the temperature was set to precisely 70 degrees.... the optimum temp for curing dyed thread! AHA! There it was...wrapped in plastic and perched atop my laundry machines. Dr. Von Threadmore must have knocked me out. In fact, it must have been her plan all along...... motivating me toward keeping the house clean all day so she could take over as soon as the kid's were asleep.

The Nerve!

And, to top it off, I had to rinse the thread for her and clean up her mess!!!!

Needless to say, I haven't seen her since. She knows to stay out of my way for awhile after she has been sneaky like that. Although she might be in more trouble if she didn't come up with such lovely creations.
I'm calling this batch Earthy Rainbow. I figure if Dr. V isn't going to hang around afterward for the cleanup, then she doesn't get to name the thread either! Hmph!

I give away some thread each time a new batch is procuced, and your dedication has been shown by reading all the way down to the bottom of this post. So I'll reward one lucky reader with a skein of Earthy Rainbow thread, 50 yards of a fine perle cotton that came to me from a far away land......more about that in coming posts. Please leave a comment on this post, make sure I have a way to contact you, and check back on Sunday when I announce the winner. I hope to have some thread live in the shop at that point as well.

March 15, 2010

to boldly go where no shuttle has gone before...

One must admit that when posting the picture below, one must think of the good old starship enterprise. Foolish girl that I am, I have in recent years purchased for dear husband the series in it's entirety on Dvd. He's an admitted Sci-fi geek, but he's cute and he cleans the gutters, so I think I'll keep him.

And there is no need to fear that I have given up tatting to build starship models.....

No. I am here to introduce to you,

My new tatting corner.


-which is indeed not a corner at all. My fabulous new chair occupies the end of the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room. The chair stands proudly in all it's glory, tilted from the wall at an angle.....for you see, I work best in a non-symmetrical environment. Anyway, my end table from the previous tatting space is probably the only thing that made it's way back into tat corner here at the new house. It's usage has changed however. I took out the shelf in the cupboard that used to house all my backstock of thread. I don't have as much accessible storage space here, so I've opted to put the tatting books and my binders in the cupboard, and the thread has gone to a storage closet in the office/craft room. The other new additions to this tatting space are of course the chair, the soft microfiber blanket (that color makes me extremely happy for some odd reason :-), the new tote atop the table which houses my readily available tatting supplies and projects (the monstrosity tote just didn't fit with the decor, it too is in the other closet.), and last but not least my fabulous Ott-Lite! Yes, that is what is depicted in the first photo of this post. I had been using Hubby's Ott lite, but it's a table version and I had to sort of lean over toward it to use it. This beaut' is a floor lamp with a bendy part on it so I can position it right over the top of me. Hubby had money put aside for a new recliner for himself, but he decided not to get it because he likes how the room feels as I have it set up now with just the sofa and one (my) chair. Good thing I got mine first I guess! Lol. Hubby kindly let me get the lamp while it was on %40 off sale at Joann.....which in fact does carry some Lizbeth now! Hooah!

Anyway, my blissful tatting spot. It pleases me. Much much.

In fact, I think I'll stop blogging so I can go sit there and enjoy. It took me untill like 10:30pm tonight to get my housework done, so I think I have earned a few moments of double stitching!

Thank you all for your love and support during the move, I love all of my bloggy friends. And I'll be meeting some of you soon.....shuttlebirds is just weeks away!


March 12, 2010

In a nutshell.....

The assembly of tatting corner is still in process. The chair has arrived, as well as a special something dear hubby let me buy. More info to come after the little ones are in bed lol......

March 8, 2010

God bless the girl scouts....

....and their samoas.

The last half of the box is getting me through the discovery this afternoon of a non-functioning refrigerator. It must have gone out over the weekend, I just noticed that the cheese was kind of soft when I took it out today...... Blech. A whole fridge of food is bad because I didn't catch it early.

For the good of mankind, my chair had better come tomorrow! I need some tatting Zen. Another box of Samoas might do it though...

THe future of tat corner,

We had a very busy but enjoyable weekend, in which I got to tat exactly TWO RINGS from a hanky edging, had to stop once I realized the crochet hook is packed in the garage still. Pooh.

The future of all tatting in this house rests on this......

It's arrival sometime this week marks the time when I will be "allowed" to unpack my tatting corner.


I will limit my comments on this matter to this: A certain husband who shall remain nameless, has decided that I should not bring out my collection of tatting paraphernalia until the above linked item arrives. I don't know why. He seems to think that my tatting things are alive and multiply when let loose from their containment. Psh. I wonder what gave him that idea? Apparently once my new yummy chair arrives, I will be allowed one end table with which to contain my readily available tatting supplies. so until then, I sulk on my blog and commiserate with Dr. Von Threadmore about the oppression that currently befalls us both.


March 4, 2010

Still settling in

Quick update,

We are still getting settled here at the new place. I actually thought I might get to tat again finally last night....(it's been a month!)....Dear husband had a minor mishap with a neon lightbulb tube at work, and we took him to the ER just as a precaution because his eyes hurt. so I of course grabbed the first tatting project from the top of the unpacked box to take for the inevitably long wait at the ER. But, wouldn't you know, there was no wait and we were home in no time flat. Hubby's eyes are fine save one small bit of irritation, but the hospital's efficiency has prevented my return to the shuttles. Most of the boxes are unpacked but there is still some sorting and assembling of furniture to do, and we have family coming this weekend, so perhaps another day.

In other news, the Etsy shop has reopened. Jewelry and a little bit of thread is available. Dr. Vonthreadmore is chomping at the bit to get to work, I keep her locked up tightly however. She kind of leaves a mess when she is left out to wander. but don't you worry---she is well cared for. I toss in a good supply of animal crackers every few days, perhaps an egg salad sandwich now and again, and it keeps her happy.

And is anyone else freaking out because Shuttlebirds is next month? Wahoooooo!