September 17, 2013

Sanity. Shall it be mine???

I officially have an accountant. 

That's really all I came to say today... other than...


(Longtime followers of mine will know the full extent of what this development means to me and my life)

September 3, 2013

Petal Perfect Now Available

Click the picture to be taken directly to the listing for the pattern.  Available for immediate download!

September 1, 2013

We did it!

I say "WE" because really these facebook contests are just a popularity thing... but now I can say that MY friends are better than their friends lol!  Thank you all who voted for me... I won the prize of $200 worth of beads, and I get to go pick them up on Saturday!!!!  You Blog buddies of mine really pulled me through, I had been chilling in 2nd place all week, down by 7 or 8 votes, and the day after I posted I got a solid lead and voila!  I'm thinking I should hold a little giveaway once I put some of my winnings to use.... what do you think?

August 30, 2013

Calling all facebook friends....

Hey!  If you are a facebook user, I could really use your help with something....  I've entered an earring design in a contest and I could win $200 worth of beads if I get the most votes.  I'm only a few votes behind, and it ends soon... so, if you find it in your heart to help a girl out, click here:

you'll need to "like" the page to access the voting.  You can unlike it on September 1st if you want :-)

Thanks for your time!


August 27, 2013

The countdown

 A week worth of stocking up on necklaces.

One final week of Farmers Market craziness, and then the Homeschooling craziness begins...actually we start schooling tomorrow, so today will be spent sorting the school room and running to Walmart to restock any basic supplies. 

One other project on my list is to add my other finished patterns to the Etsy shop.  Now that they offer immediate download capabilities, I'm going to list my Sweetpea earrings, Petal Perfect Necklace, as well as the swirl rhinestone crystal bracelet patterns.  These should be listed and ready for purchase sometime next week.  I'll let you know when.

Once the market is over, I will also need to buckle down and file my income taxes..... my extension will be due in October sometime, and I just want to get it done and over.  The good news is that I took much better records over the summer as far as sales, and January won't be so nuts when it comes to paying my state sales tax. 

August 22, 2013


 Since I have a list of custom orders to finish by Friday, and a whole heap of necklaces to get made and back in stock by Friday as well, I did the smart thing this week by playing at the workbench and doing completely unrelated work. (I swear I'm never more inspired than when I'm under the gun for something else!)  This pair of earrings I made for myself, with some really great cathedral beads, and some copper frames that I soldered.  The patina is Liver of sulphur.  It's stinky to work with, but gives such a beautiful finish.

 Eventually I did steer a little closer to getting some tatting work done, the earrings above are in brass, and below in silver.  I'm fiddling around with the proportions still, but I think it's a really nice way to incorporate my little rosettes into a more substantial feeling piece. 
I make the little rosettes reversible, so the earring will look good no matter how it hangs.  A lot of my work has been in this vein-- using the tatting as a component of the jewelry design...  there is definitely a certain "customer" who will gravitate more toward the more sturdy feel imparted by the use of beads and metals.  Metalsmithing has really become my friend in that respect, as I am able to ready make findings to the size and color I need.  I think I am attracted to the juxtaposition of the metal and the lace.  I love contrasts!  Colors, flavors (I can't get enough sweet and sour!).

August 15, 2013

 Ok.  It's not an earth shakingly innovative design or anything, but I'm really enjoying how they turned out.  Especially since I did the metalsmithing on those big hammered silver loops!
All my big talk about wanting a torch quickly turned into a full blown workstation dedicated to the metal arts in the garage.  

My facebook friend have seen pieces popping up here and there over the last few weeks.  They will make their way over to ETSY this Autumn, as I am currently focused on finishing strong at the Farmer's Market.  I have a sketchbook of ideas and gobs of wire and sheet metal to incorporate in with my tatted work, and I'm super excited to get out of my busy season to have time to focus purely on the creative stuff.  It's funny, because I've been having this inner argument with myself after attending a leadership conference.  There was a professor talking about how to create and fuel innovation, and his schpeal was that you needed to build a whole new department or team focused on innovation, so you don't tax the main engine or processes of your business....  I'm still working out how to split myself in two and keep the production work going while creating new work.  I tend to only be able to focus on one box at a time.  But.  During the summer when I am working week to week to stock up, I've got regular patrons who come down just to see what's "new".  Oh the joys of wrestling balance into your life!  

At the end of the day, I'm just thankful that I get to be creative and call it "work". 

July 17, 2013

How I survive

Two posts in two days?  It's like Christmas, I know!!!

One of the more difficult things for me when it comes to being a production tatter, is when I end up having to make the same things over and over and over.  And Over.  You get my drift.  Certain designs in certain colors just fly off my displays and it's hard to not get bored at times.  My strategy to combat the tatting doldrums has been to add some new aspect to what I do every now and then, something to re-spark my interest and creativity.  This year, I took myself up to Fusion Beads in Seattle, and purchase the tools and materials to start doing some wire work, and also make my own custom findings.  So far, I've been playing around with brass, copper, and bronze.  Eventually I will add some precious metals into the mix.  It's been fun, and here is one of my experiments-
 Kinda hard to see, but the bead hangs forward of the flower. It looks better worn I think.
 Terrible Iphone pictures, I apologize.  Below is me playing with some patina solution on brass.  More fun.  Still learning.
  One good thing has come from all this metal work... I'm just a terrible snarly beast once every 28 days...ehem, and beating on the bench block has become a very theraputic solution for me hahah!

Also, all this metal makes me want butane torch to do some more damage with.  Perhaps a metalsmithing class is in order before I go that far.  Or not. :-P

July 16, 2013

A booming season

Hello Tatters! Summer is here which means I'm eyeball deep in tatting thread of course :-) July and August are my busiest months down at the Farmers Market. I'm making jewelry in every spare moment... In fact, this weekend we are going camping, and a good portion of my supplies will be coming with me.
  One thing that has been happening at the market, (and elsewhere), is that more and more people know what tatting is! I love it when someone from my generation recognizes it, because that means our almost lost art is not going to be lost after all. 
  Well, I'm off to take care of some things around the house.  If I manage to get enough done today, I have half a mind to do a batch of hand dyed thread (gasp!).  It would be good to get back into it.  I still have one of Dr. Vonthreadmore's contest winners that I haven't done yet, and I am all out of some of my favorites as well.  I have been itching for some more Getaway because it has been such a good summer color. 

Well, I'm off now.  Here's to me blogging more. And updating a bit around here perhaps?  Sheesh, that profile picture is probably three years old.  I've got long hair now!


April 10, 2013

Where has all the time gone!!!

Well. Look who decided to drop in and post on her blog! Thank you to the kind friend who sent an "are you still ok?" email this past week :-). It has indeed spurred me on to update. I can't tell you how out of the loop I feel at this point, I haven't been involved in any of the online tatting communities in the better part of a year, and I am even taking a year off Shuttlebirds. I am still tatting, and plan to do the Farmers Market again this year. I haven't designed anything new in quite awhile though. I don't really have time to just sit and doodle with thread like I used to. We have started homeschooling this year, and that takes a serious chunk of time out of our day. I really love the time I get to spend with our girls, and I wouldn't have it any other way. If I could wave a magic wand and make myself more organized in other areas, I'd be thrilled. As is, I take it one day at a time. It is definitely the priority around here, so some things had to be shuffled to the side... this blog, even my band for the time being have fallen to the wayside for the time being. Dr. Vonthreadmore doesn't speak to me anymore. She says I don't deserve her. I hope to be back in the dye studio this summer when school lets out for us, I actually need to do some thread for myself soon. Until next time, Happy tatting! I can't promise regular updates, I have many projects that take priority. Such as getting the Etsy shop back in order as well. I know this was just another quick update, and I do miss the tatting community as a whole. Life comes in seasons! Best wishes! Krystle