August 29, 2010

You asked for it....

I have been informed that more pictures of "Nana's Angels" have been requested.

Therefore, I unreluctantly subject you to random cuteness.

....and the inevitable spaghetti face.
Can you believe that baby is 15 months old? it seems like only yesterday I was in the online tatting class working on clunies when my water broke.

August 27, 2010

Hi MOM!!

Hey everyone, check out the link! Crazymom is at Tat days and is having a party with Isdihara and my mom! (that's my mom on the left there in the photo)

August 24, 2010

The latest

Been quite busy, tumultuous transition around here, but some relaxation via tatting has helped.

These are my "spanish dancer" earrings in Vineyard at Dusk, one of Dr. Vonthreadmore's creations of course,

I particularly like this neutral olive green. goes with so many things, it's Lizbeth...the newest olive green that they put out.

Another color credited to Dr. V, This colorway never got properly named. I intend on repeating it in the future, so perhaps at that point I'll run a naming contest.

I hear that Palmetto is right around the corner, so remember to find my Mom and say hello! I may have mentioned it already, but she has made herself a button/badge with Dr. Vonthreadmore's picture (the one currently in the sidebar) so she can be easily identified by my online pals. That's right, all of you lucky bumkins that get to go the tatter's disneyland,...err, I mean Palmetto Tat Days.

August 17, 2010

She blinded me with science

Here is some of the result of Dr. VOnthreadmore's "Mad Science" thread. The tatting belongs to Tats the Mad Tatter

August 16, 2010

and the fun just don't stop!

I can see how one might go overboard with the hotfix crystals, (especially since I ordered several hudred in mixed colors.....hey, I got a good deal!)

I however solemnly swear to be tasteful in my use of "bling".

I have been making jewelry for many years, so my eye leans as much toward jewelry design as it does toward lace design. Also, ETSY has lately become more saturated with tatted jewelry makers. Much of the other lace jewlery available there is very traditionally based or victorian, and I try to maintain my more modern or contemporary asthetic generally. Bright colors and the use of different medium within the tatting keeps my work original and unique I hope.

August 15, 2010

Oh yes I did...

Yes those are crystals.
And yes. They are GLUED


I know that in some circles my actions may be seen as sacrelidge to lace, and I dare not bring such an item to the lace guild meeting....

But when one is given a hot-fix tool, one must use it! So I hot fixed some bling on a tatted medallion for a pendant.

May the lace gods forgive me and look favorably upon my work.

August 13, 2010

Midsummer Night's dream

Newest Hand dyed thread is in the etsy shop! Meet our interpretation of the transitional colors between summer and fall, with a dose of renaissance faire :-)

You can see the threads here, also, check the bargain category for size 10. The color separated on the batch of 10 more than I had wanted, so it's discounted.

August 11, 2010

Do we love it?

I've been in an odd mood lately. That's probably what explains a week of absence here. Other parts of life explode and it takes me awhile to get back on my feet emotionally. We are in for some major change around here..... it's good but will be a difficult transition. Can't say more than that as it's a sensitive situation. But it's been stressing me out. And that puts a wrinkle in my creative flow. I had several failed design attempts this week, so I let myself take it easy and just fiddle with some Romanian point lace. That led to this earring that you see above. It's a combo of tatting and needle lace I guess. I figured out how to do a sort of pearl tatting around the ring to get stitches on the inside and outside of the ring. I hadn't seen that anywhere before so it took a little bit of figuring, I can post a tutorial if anyone else is interested. Really I wanted to do it so I would have something to anchor the needle stitches in the center, and the caps of the double stitches fit that bill perfectly.

Anyway, I need opinions on whether or not we like this earring (or if I should make another one)

I think it perhaps needs a little more embellishment, and as I am now writing this, I think I have an idea that might do quite well.

August 3, 2010

If it makes you happy...

It's green, it's orange, it's loud,

And I think I love it.

Tatting corner has a new resident project box. Lately I had been using the most fabulous scrapbooking tote---it held books, all my beads, mounds of thread etc. It was amazing and perfect. Until I realized that the small child pictured in the previous post could now reach the contents of the open top tote I had grown so fond of.


So I spent weeks formulating and window shopping and couldn't find anything that would do the job to my satisfaction until lo and behold, Walmart to the rescue! I found this psychadelic sewing box in their craft section and it just called my name. There was a more sensibly patterened brown and blue number sitting there as well, but something about this bright box makes me happy, and, after all, tatting corner is my happy place.

It actually coordinates perfectly with my soft blankie that was another happy place purchase. It must be destiny.


And thanks to my snarky commenters for the days worth of entertainment, here is the contact info for the tatting shuttle sock vendor

You'll probably need to email her for a picture of the available colors, there are a few other tatting design socks, as well as some bobbin lace socks if that is your thing. $8 a pair is what they were going for at the conference. They don't have an online store, but they do mail order.

August 2, 2010


I paced the room. " Are we sure this is a good plan?" I asked Dr. Vonthreadmore as she sat calmly without response. "Well, I guess you are not concerned about our empty Paypal account, are you!" I said with a more than a little sarcasm in my tone.
The doctor finally adjusted her gaze to meet mine, and politely responeded---
"don't worry, I have plans."
"Those plans better pay our ETSY fees this month" I retorted back to her with eyes squinted in a half-serious glare. But she could see the tiny bit of a smile at the corner of my mouth.
If you can't read the numbers on those cones, you will see that we now have in our posession 4880 yards of Lizbeth 10, and 8400 yards of Lizbeth 20.
I may bite all my nails off in nervousness, but apparently Dr. Vonthreadmore has "Plans".

Here is a picture with a small child included for scale.

Heheh(nervous laugh) That's a whole lot of Lizbeth......

August 1, 2010

I know you're Jealous.....

I know you are jealous of my cute shuttle sockies.

It's ok. Sock envy is appropriate in this situation. And, if you can be the bigger person and admit your covetous need for such socks.....I might be willing to provide you with the contact information to the vendor from whom I aquired the socks at IOLI.

That is all I have to say.