July 28, 2011

Globetrotter giveway, please read!

Thank you to those who have already commented with interest in participating in the givewawy outlined in my previous post.

Please do be sure to leave your email address in your comment! I'm a crazy disorganized girl, and I would hate to have you miss the fun by me neglecting to scrounge it up from the web or the dregs of my inbox. To ensure that you get the email with my mailing address you must leave your email address in your comment. I am deleting the comments once I send the contest emails to each recipient. If you've neglected to leave an email contact I will publish your comment so you know to leave another for me... (unless, as I suspect, some of you already have my address from numerous packages of HDT coming your way :-P)

Also PLEASE BE SURE to include your email address on your postcard. Don't trust me to my own devices in contacting you if you should win!

July 27, 2011

Globetrotting Contest

Well, Apparently Dr. Vonthreadmore read my last post....

I received a message from her earlier this afternoon, confirming that she is indeed making her way around the globe in search of wonderful combinations of color and inspiration. Unfortunately, the flighty Dr. V did not plan her travels well. She says she has been able to get by, but she neglected to bring a camera or anything at all to capture all of this wonderful inspiration! She is very distressed, and is worried that her travels will be for naught without a method of recording the needed information. After our chat, I did manage to come up with a plan. Dr. V mentioned her desire to visit some of the Leprechauns, and perhaps some other tatters that we know via the blogs. Anyway, I thought that you, our dear friends in Tattingland might lend the Dr some assistance if you happen to see her in her travels. If you do indeed come across our intrepid traveler in search of her muse, perhaps you could help her record her findings by sending a postcard on her behalf to my home address. The Dr. would be happy to reward the kind souls who participate by offering a prize to a winner chosen from the postcards that we receive. At least two postcards will be chosen as inspiration for the color or theme of a new batch of Dr. Vonthreadmore's fine dyed threads, and those winners will receive skeins of thread from their winning submission.

So, to summarize the "rules" for this contest:

1. Spot Dr. Vonthreadmore on her travels

2. Comment on this post with your email address, so I can provide you with my mailing address (comments will remain unpublished)

3. Send a postcard that shows/communicates an inspiration for a hand dyed colorway, and include Dr. Vonthreadmore's comments as to why she found it so inspiring. Include your email address on the postcard so that we can easily contact you.

4. Be sure to have your submission mailed by September 1st. Postcards received before September 30th will be considered, as Doctor V assures me she will be home by that date......international entries are welcome!

5. Upon her return, we will consider the entries and send off three skeins of thread to the two winners, in the size of their choice.

6. Multiple submissions are welcome, each on a single postcard. We'd like to chronicle Dr. V's travels well, and show the postcards here on the blog. You never know where that girl will turn up, so keep your eyes peeled!


Long time readers of my blog are well aquainted with Dr. Vonthreadmore, who is indeed my alter ego/imaginary friend..... if you'd like to learn more about her, you can click here - http://krystledawnetats.blogspot.com/search?q=Dr.+Vonthreadmore
to read some of my previous posts that tell of her antics. Tatting and Non-tatting readers are both welcome to enter.... if you'd like to enter but do not have a use for hand dyed thread, I would be happy to substitute a jewelry prize made from the inspired thread :-)

I'm still here!

(my current tatting container. Glamorous, no?)

Yes, I am still here! Followers and friends on facebook are probably most updated on the current happenings around here, and if you don't count the washing machine that went kaplooey, everything is just peachy. As of late I've become a one woman tatting sweatshop, without any new and interesting things to show.... I'm contentedly relegated to making the same black pair of Spanish Dancer earrings that I can't keep on the shelf :-)

My tatting workstation has become mobile and utilitarian again as I've moved my goodies back into the monstrous box (I'd link you to the previous post, but blogger's editor is being a bugger grr)For the first few weeks of farmer's market, I was moving thread and tools in and out of my corner twice a week...needless to say I now just park the big tote in front of my chair in Tat corner between market days. My cute little owl tatting bag (I never showed that, did I?) that I got from DS9 designs while at Shuttlebirds is not seeing as much use unfortunately. I end up bringing all of my chain and findings (I stock 5 finishes now), most of my beads, as well as my wire tools and it's served me quite well as I've been able to customize earrings and necklaces on the spot, shortening a chain or changing earring hook styles. Gained a few sales by being flexible I suppose :-)

Anyway, I'm off to go hose out the rest of the soapy laundry that was in the the washer before it broke.... I'll be back once the copy and paste functionality returns on blogger's editor.

P.S. Your comments keep me going guys! I'm so thankful for my tatting friends! Dr. Vonthreadmore has gone on vacation for the summer. She has assured me of her return after market season, but she sends her best. Off traveling the globe in search of inspiration I suspect....