January 30, 2010

The Big news~

Well, good news for us, we will be closing on our house next week sometime! Finally! We have been waiting on this contract since the BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER! So we will be proud homeowners soon, and Tatting corner will be in a brand new spot sometime in the next few weeks. There is much to do in the way of painting and repair, so you won't see much out of me until we are settled I would think. Poor Dr. Von Threadmore, her orders of thread and dye just arrived too! I don't know that she will be able to work for awhile or not..... But she is pleased to announce the other big news...

The winner of our drawing for HDT is....

The one and only Jane Eborall!

I just mailed off an envelope to her with some of the Oops thread, So, Jane, I have your address already, and I'll be sending off your winnings on Monday.

Later Y'all!

January 26, 2010

Be Mine 2.0---giveaway at the end

Finally, the new thread is live in the etsy shop! Dr. Von Threadmore has been on my tail all weekend.....

The color is called Be Mine 2.0. The "2.0" is to honor all of the poor skeins of oops thread that it took to get this batch right. Lol. I only had two balls of Lizbeth at the end of last weeks endeavor, so this batch is VERY limited. Anyway, I hadn't intended on doing a valentine themed thread, but after it dried I couldn't come up with any other name than "Be Mine" so here it is. We will be dyeing more as soon as our new boxes of dye and thread come in the mail. Until then, I might actually get some time to sit and tat. Go figure.

Oh, and one of my new years resolution was to be more generous in general, so comment on this post to win a small skein of this Hand Dyed Thread. Winner will be drawn on the 30th.

January 23, 2010

Thank you to all!

All of the oops thread has been spoken for. Thank you all for supporting the Dr's efforts! It went fast, but I'll be sure to let you know if we need to offload more thread again lol!


January 22, 2010


There are a few skeins left, I am waiting to hear back from one person and then I will post what is left.

A special offer from Dr. Von Threadmore.

I suppose I should now tell you why poor Dr. V has been so distraught lately. She is fine now, but it took several days to resolve the issue. It all started after rinsing and drying the last batch of thread. We couldn't believe our eyes! There were white spots..... again. We had this problem
recently with a batch that never made it to the blog here, and the DR. was just beside herself.
Poor thing had to come to grips with herself and admit that she is indeed not perfect. Took a few days, and a few more batches of thread. Long story short, we were only having the problem with
one particular color of dye, and after depleting most of the supply of white Lizbeth, we had to
detour to Joann fabrics to buy some sacrificial Cebelia while we did some testing and tracked down the issue. Still not 100% positive on the cause, but we are taking precautions and our final batch was a success. We are pleased and will be listing a small amount on ETSY this weekend, but we are left with a large amount of what we are calling "oops" thread. Perfectly usable, but with some imperfections, white spots, etc. So, the Dr. is offering it to you (her "public" as she puts it) to enjoy and hopefully get some use out of it. SO, for $2 per 50 yd skein, plus one dollar shipping (no matter how many you want, just one dollar ships all) you can acquire some of the
thread that we dyed in the Dr's quest for perfection. Just send me an email... krystledawne at gmail dot com if you are interested in taking some of this off our hands and we can make arrangements via paypal
First up is Watermelon. I have 5 skeins of 20 Lizbeth

Next is fuchsia. I have two in size 80DMC cordonett

Pictured from top to bottom, (all are coordianting colors)

Rosebud LT. 30 cebelia, 2 available

Rosebud Dk, 30 cebelia 3 available

Gram's varigated, 30 cebelia, 4 available, also one skein of 40 Lizbeth in this color is available

Be Mine, 30 cebelia, 3 available. also one skein of 20 Lizbeth available

Darkest Chocolate- 30 cebelia, 3 available.

So, shoot me an email if you'd like to partake of our madness lol.

January 20, 2010

An angel!

Well. I'm sure you all are "dyeing" to hear about this weeks escapades in the Dr's Laboratory, but that story will have to wait. I'll tell you this much, she hasn't spoken to me it two days. I last saw her wandering in the hallway mumbling incoherently.

Instead, I bring you the tale if this little angel. It landed in my mailbox today, from my tatting friend Sandy. We met at the Lace guild a few months ago, and upon hearing the news that she had broken her foot, I whisked off a skein of my Hand Dyed to brighten her day. Well she brightened mine because I opened the envelope contaning this precious little heavenly host---made from the thread I sent! It's size 20 Lizbeth, in my colorway, Ivria's Afternoon. I had listed some in the ETSY shop, but I may have to pull a few skeins out because I love how it looks worked up in this angel lol!
So cute! It's a Martha Ess pattern, and Sandy is going to show me how to do the hairpin lace this weekend. I am so excited!

Anyway, The Dr. Von Threadmore issue should be resolving itself in a day or two. And the chocolate Ice cream is all gone. Sorry, I know I should have shared.

January 17, 2010

A message from Dr. Von Threadmore

Good evening everyone, this is Dr. Von Threadmore coming to you from the laboratory. As the picture above illustrates, my counterpart is otherwise engaged this evening. Dear Husband heard the tone in her voice and made a detour on his way home to pick up her, shall we say,.... medication.

I however, find myself completely unencumbered by emotionalism. And since I have been restrained from my work for so long, I jumped on the chance in anticipation of the forthcoming chocolate-induced coma.

Color. Pure, rich color. That is what the world is made of to me. I must bring magnificent color to the masses. It is my duty. My gift.

The tatted work is my muse.

The tatter, in this case the owner of this blog, is charged with the execution, but I am the true artist. I am not so easily cast about by a day's events.
I need no indulgence beyond the ingredients and result achieved in my laboratory.

Wonderful, delicious, color.

January 9, 2010

Book Review---Teiko Fujito

As a part of my New year's blog resolution, I decided that some book reviews were in order. There are quite a few tatting books available nowadays, unfortunately the description on most websites is limited to a small paragraph. I am going to do my best to provide some good information, and some tatted examples of my favorite books.

First up, both by tatting designer Teiko Fujito.

"Tatted Fashion"


"The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito"

"Tatted Fashion" was originally published in 1978 in Japanese, and later translated to English
and published by Lacis in 2002. I chose to purchase this book after having obtained the book "the Tatted Artistry of", originally published in 2001 in Japan, and translated and published for us again by Lacis in 2003.

"the Tatted Artistry" came into my possession last year when my Mom came to visit right after the baby was born. I had convinced Mom to try tatting again--she hadn't done so since I was small-- so she ordered some supplies from Handy Hands, as well as this book. She chose the book based on the cover art "eye candy". The cover is eye candy indeed! The pattern is in the book, it is a doily utilizing three shuttles. Containing 100 patterns for small motifs, some edgings, and a few larger doilies, the instructions are diagrams accompanied by photographs on the facing page. There are some hints and tricks tucked in among the patterns, as well as one page of basic tatting instruction. I don't feel that the tatting instruction would be adequate for an absolute beginner tatter, so I do not recommend this book as a first get-started-tatting book. After a few attempts at the patterns in the book, Mom moved on to other instructions to get her started, and left the book with me to enjoy when she had to head back home.

My first project from the book was this doily-

The book contains a lot of what I would call variations on a theme. Teiko employs this Rosette style center in several places, as well as a form of Onion Ring. The book is broken into 5 parts, Motifs for One, Two, and Three Shuttles, the last two sections being for advanced techniques and nature inspired patterns.

Below is my second project from the book-

It's a small doily that uses that onion ring type idea. The book does give thorough instructions on what Teiko calls the "outer thread joining method". It is used in the varigated doily above in the places where the chain joins to the chain below, and on this one to join the chain that surrounds the light green ring on round one.

Here is one of the three shuttle patterns in progress-

My favorite thing about this book are the different techniques, as well as the variety of patterns. I love to see how tatting has developed on the other side of the globe. Quite a few of these patterns are different than anything I've seen before. Geographically, it seems that tatting has taken on different forms. I also enjoy the challenge this book presents. When I get bored, I break out this book.

So, if you like working from diagrams, this book is for you. If you prefer instructions that tell you when to turn the work, switch shuttles etc, then you might not find it as useful. You will need basic assumed knowledge, as well as an adventurous spirit, to reap the full benefit of "The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito", however, If you are in the market for a little "eye candy", you won't be disappointed. It's funny, because I might not have chosen to purchase this book based on the description available, but since it's come into my collection, it's become one of my favorites. In fact, it spurred me on to the purchase of the following:

"Tatted Fashion" (TF) as I mentioned before, was published before "Tatted Artistry"(TA) And after having seen both, I noticed that there are a few patterns that were repeated from TF when TA was published. TF contains over 120 patterns. Larger doilies, cusion and purse covers, shawls, edgings and more of her charming small motifs are diagrammed, and unlike TA, this book contains some written directions. Something in the instructions does seem lost to translation however. They are not as clear and helpful as I would like them to be. The other frustration I found is that the diagrams are often separated from the picture of the project, in some cases there is only a small paragraph of written instruction tucked 20 pages away from the photograph of the pattern. So, you need a good bookmark and a willingness to flip back and forth. The one up that this book does have over TA is that there are more instructions on the specific techniques that she uses to achieve her work. They are very well drawn
and show the different joins, as well as the order in which she turns the work in some tricky spots. I have had some trouble because at this point in my tatting career I am programmed for automatic frontside/backside tatting, which can become problematic when a certain join ends up needing to be done upside down from her instructions and I have to figure it out myself. But for me, that's half the fun.

After obtaining this book a few weeks ago, Here is the only pattern I've had time to play with so fair-

There is some evidence that this book was originally published in the '70's- some of the pictures are black and white, and a few patterns contain a fair amont of cut and tie.....I even found a suggestion to use a little glue on the knots before cutting them close...... (Nooooo! Say it's not true!). It seems to me that modern tatting sensibilities have evolved a little. All in all, I do enjoy this book. I really love that there are pictures of Teiko, as well as a two page bio about her love of tatting.

Both books are fascinating and inspiring to me. I love them both and am glad to have them. If you were going to buy just one, I'd say go for "the Tatted Artistry" first and if you fall in love with Teiko and her unique style like I have, "Tatted Fashion" should find it's way to your shelf as well.

That concludes my first book review(s)!

I'd love to hear from others who own these titles, as well as suggestions as to what sort of information you would like to see in upcoming reviews. Your comments are always appreciated!

January 5, 2010

The big 2-6

Yes it's true...Gasp....Horror.....Shock!

I'm no longer in my early 20's. Sigh.

Anyway, yesterday was my B'day. I was so worn out from Thanksgiving-anniversary-Christmas-Newyears etc. that I opted for life as usual for my Birthday. Hubby did get me a nice gift though-

Front and back shots of my first ever non plastic shuttle! Woohoo! Go Shuttleshop! I love it. Wasn't really a surprise but that's fine with me. Jim had me order the one I wanted, and then when it came in the mail a few weeks ago I didn't recognize the return address and I opened it. Hubby then hid it from me, but I convinced him I Needed it last week and he caved.

I do also have to tell about another birthday gift I received. Some time ago I wrote a christmas wish list on this post. I wrote how I was helping dear husband by giving his some clues because he has to deal with our anniversary, christmas and my birthday gift all within 30 days. Well Dear Bev aka Ridgewoman did the sweetest thing and send me a little Birthday gift of some beautiful thread and a lovely tatted snowflake. I was confused at first, it being October and my birthday being in January.......until I realized that I should have said in that post that hubby had to deal with all those holidays all within 30 days of eachother. Sorry Bev! Poor hubby does have to work hard this time of year. Our anniversary is Decembr 7th, and my Birthday is of course January 4th. that's the three major gift days all in one month pretty much. Bev sent off the gift with me not having stated the date of my birthday,....such a sweetheart! I love that gal! So, thank you Bev, for the early birthday gift. I love ya.

January 3, 2010

For dear Sis

Just a quick postie to show some earrings I made for my sister for Christmas. I let her choose the thread as well as the swarovski pieces they are built on. This is the best picture I got before she had to head back out and finish her visiting other family members before going home to Texas.

I did get this scan that better shows the crystal component, but of course it's blurry because it wasn't flat on the scanner. These were made with Lizbeth.

Anyway, we did have a great time with her and her hubby while they were here, and now that the kids are more familiar with them, we can keep in touch via video on Skype.

January 1, 2010

"A Very Useful Engine"

My dear daughter's obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine has given me the perfect sentiment to begin the new year of blogging. For you see, on the Island of Sodor, it is every train's ambition to be bestowed with the title of a Very Useful Engine.

You see, in the coming year, I'd like this to become a Very useful Blog. Over this past year, I've gained so much friendship and inspiration, and I'd like to "give back" to the tatting community at large in any way I can. So, I've come up with a few ideas or ways that I can truly serve in tat land and be very useful indeed.

  1. I'm going to go back and properly tag my posts, so they will be easier to search and find topics or patterns etc.
  2. I'll be doing some tatting book reviews. You know, when I go to order a tatting book I always wonder until it arrives whether it is what I was expecting. So, I will go do some nice thourough review posts on my favorite books this year.
  3. My own Patterns, tutorials, etc. I think that at this point I have some ideas to offer in the way of technique, new things I've developed, and also sharing some jewelry patterns.
  4. More giveaways! I plan to perpetuate giveaways by doing a Pay It Forward giveaway each time I dye a new batch of thread. So keep your eyes peeled for the next time Dr. Vonthreadmore gets let out of her pen. Yes. I keep her in a pen. She really would run amok if I didn't. Don't worry though, she gets a steady supply of red licorice and chocolate coffee smoothies.
  5. More linked text and pictures. I am going to better plan my posts and put more time into clickable things, so that you have somewhere to go if you come across something you like here on this blog, like a pattern I've done if it's available online, or a link to the information I used to achieve a certain technique....etc.

There you have it! My first post was last year, January 28th. I'm almost to my one year bloggerversary, and I think it's time the blog grew a little, it's important to be a contributing member of society don't you think?

So, thank you for spending your precious time laughing and crying with me here in my little corner of Tat land. I look forward to the new year ahead!