July 24, 2012

The Studio

Big things are happening here at our house this month as we prepare for the onset of Kindergarten!  In evaluating our use of space, we made a major change by moving our dining room to the room on the other side of the kitchen (it's the back half of the garage that was built out before we bought the house).  It used to be the "play room", and will now serve dual duty as the School room/ Dining room. Our former dining room is now my studio!  The change is still in progress as I sort out storage solutions for toys, school and art supplies, and business/office type stuff....but I plan on having a whole lot of fun doing it!  I'm going to make giant fabric covered cork boards for the school room and studio.
  Right now the studio consists of my big orange Ikea futon with my trusty Ott light, an awesome lift-top coffee table for my workspace, and an office area with a desk and chair for my laptop and other home office type stuff.  My tatting corner chair has remained in the living room (which now looks like a living room and not an overflowed bead and thread pile...).
  All of this moving around requires me to go through all the toys, all the craft stuff, and even all of my little hidey-holes full of things I didn't want to deal with, so I will be working this out for the better part of the rest of the summer. Better now than two days before our school year starts though, right?

The picture is a little snapshot peek into my new studio.  Having dedicated space that does not interfere with the regular workings of the home has been monumental.  I'm able to lay out work on my table and work assembly line style.  I've gotten some nifty velvet trays to keep work sorted on my table.  All my bead boxes are under the coffee table, within reach.  I should say that I've done some serious damage in the bead aquisition department lately.  I'm officially on a bead diet.

Anyway, Dr. Von Threadmore  is of course plotting to see how she can manage a takeover of the new workspace.  She knows I won't allow it, but she also knows that if she kicks loud and long enough about it, I'll probably break down and let her do some thread.  She is chomping to do another batch of Getaway, as well as start her formulations for the second of her contest winners, Aurora Borealis.

July 15, 2012


Hey everyone. Just dropping in for a quick update! I'm in market mode, and it is keeping me busy. I plan on doing a little photo tour of my booth soon, but until then, here is a little sneak peek of the new designs I have been working on!