April 29, 2011

Mucho dissapointo

I am SO unhappy right now. The memory card that contained ALL of my Shuttlebirds pictures, AND all of our easter sunday egg hunt video/pictures quit on me today. It's a brand new card, the first pictures on the card were taken at shuttlebirds in fact. Kinda takes the wind out of my sails on posting about shuttlebirds..... Sigh. I need to mourn the loss of the video clips and pictures of the little ones in their easter dresses for awhile and then I will at least take pictures of my projects from shuttlebirds. Next month at guild I should be able to get a copy of the CD that the event photographer has......there should be pictures from my classes in there.

Groan. Sigh. sorry, I'll get over my lost memories and be less melancholy soon. I have been doing an insane amount of tatting to get ready for the farmers market, and I will be taking some pictures of the new items and designs before they go, so I will have some cheery bright photos to show.

April 19, 2011

It's ready

ALL the thread available is listed in the shop. I'll be contacting those of you with thread on hold tonight, if you see anything else in the shop you want, let me know!


I'm listing all the avaiable thread today, wait until I give the all clear to order though. I would just hate for anyone to place an order and then see something else they want come up a few hours later. I should have it all listed by tomorrow morning, but I will let you know here for sure. Here is a sneak peak of one of another new colorway that came out of the dye pots just before we left for shuttlebirds:

April 18, 2011

We are back!!!

News to come, just wanted to let you all know that I will be a few days in getting back to those of you who have thread on hold. I did end up doing one more batch that I will post about before it all ends up in the shop this week.

Shuttlebirds was a blast! With religious use of the cruise control, we managed to go without speeding tickets this year.

I'm now in full tilt getting ready for the market mode. Sigh. Can't slow down for a minute it seems lol!

April 12, 2011

Before I go.....

I had to say goodbye! Mom is flying in tonight, the kids are all dressed in their feetie pajamas for the late evening trip to the airport. Kits are made, patterns are printed, signage for the table is coming along. Skeins are all wound nicely! Everything is coming together, albeit at the last minute. But that's just the way I roll. So, in case I don't get the chance before Thursday's departure.... SHUTTLEBIRDS OR BUST! And no speeding tickets this year. I promise. :-) Bye!

April 9, 2011

For miss Antsy Pants.......

Yes, Bev. I mean you. Dr. Vonthreadmore saw your comments, and insists that I not keep "her public" waiting any longer! So, a quick snapshot of what is done so far is posted here just for you! From the bottom, we have Of Berries and Fairies, above that is Vineyard at Dusk, and finally, the as of yet unnamed batch.... deep bluey green blending into wisteria and creamy yellow. It's quite floral. If anyone has a suggestion on a name, let me know :-) Feel free to shoot me an email - krystledawne@gmail.com if you desperately must have some of this thread. I won't be listing any until I return on the 18th, but I can set any aside for you until that time. I have sizes 10, 20, 40, available in all the colors you see above, and I have size 80 in Vineyard and the new one.

April 8, 2011

Oh the thread of it all

Dr. Vonthreadmore is pleased, and I am in pain lol.

(Probably 70+ done skeins so far, another 40 or so coming tomorrow)

Winding. Mixing. Painting. Rinsing.......and the cleanup! Wshew! Let me tell you from EXPERIENCE that Hand Dyed Thread sellers earn every penny. And I'm not saying that to toot my own horn. I'm saying it because I love every skein of hand dyed thread that I have myself bought from the other gals.....love it even more now after a year or so doing it myself! I know the painstaking dedication it takes. (emphasis on pain lol, anybody have some extra Ibuprofen???) Some of you may remember the days of the 'oops' thread.... those days are thankfully over after much practice, and much patience.

This week so far I've finished a bach of Vineyard at Dusk, Of Berries and Fairies, and a new batch as well. Aren't you 'Dyeing' to see it Mwahahahahaha!!!!!! (I keep telling Dr. Vonthreadmore to stay out of my blog posts, but she keeps sneaking in :-)

I thought I would show you this pair of custom earrings that I made for one of our tatting blog friends, I've been so busy that it took me quite awhile to get them finished, but I'm quite pleased. She is too, and that makes me even happier. :-)

Sweet dreams to you all, I'm off to finish my final handout for my bracelet class next week... Once I am back in town I should will be tatting like a madwoman to get ready for the Farmers Market. May 1st is my debut!

April 5, 2011

If you want some thread......and a tester found!

For any of you that are hoping to get some HDT, I will make sure you have the opportunity!!! I won't have time to get it listed on ETSY before I leave, but I'll put up my email address and a list of what is available, and I can set some aside for you to purchase when I return. Does that sound like a good plan?

Also, I am putting together some handouts, and could use a set of eyes to try them out for me. Specifically, I need a tatter who does NOT know how to cover a cabone ring with stitches. I am making a picture tutorial, and I want to test it out on someone to see if the instructions are clear. if you meet this criteria, and are able to finish testing no later than Thursday Night this week, send me an email at krystledawne (at) gmail.com. Your help would be so appreciated! The first draft will be sent out to my tester this evening. (edited to add- my tester has been found! Thank you all for your willingness to help out, I couldn't do it without you!!! If I have anything else that needs a look over, I'll be sure to let you know.)

April 4, 2011

I must be crazy!!!!

Good old Dr vonthreadmore found out that I didn't intended on bringing any of her thread with me to ShuttleBirds.

She's been having a fit for days now.....

If you don't hear from me before shuttlebirds.....you'll know why.  I will be up to my elbows in dye an thread for the next week at least.

If I do have a spare moment I will update you all with a post about the wonderful surprises I have gotten from some dear tatting friends.

April 1, 2011

International Tatting Day

I have officially raided the potty treats jar to get my required dose of chocolate for "tatting day"! And to celebrate the auspicious occasion, use the code aprilfools at checkout in my etsy shop to save 10% Happy tatting day to all!