April 2, 2009

It's all your fault Jane Eborall!

So just what are those conspicuous little things on the edges of my earrings......?


Oh I have been so "anti-bead" minded since I got back into tatting, not that I have anything against beads, mind you. I have gobs of them in my jewelry making stash. But, I just didn't want the trouble of having them out around the toddler, and I just loved how portable and simple a project tatting was, and well, I just didn't want too! Heck no was I gonna spend time fiddling with getting those tiny beads loaded on my shuttle! Planning ahead like that is just not in the scope of my personality.

Sigh, and then I made that first pair of red earrings.

As I sat there looking at them I had this awful thought cross into my mind......"gee those would look neat with beads...."
And before I knew it, another evil thought popped into my head. "Doesn't Jane Eborall have a way of adding beads without loading them onto the shutlle?"
And then it was all over.

And then before you know it, I found myself reasoning, "well, it's only 9 beads, wouldn't they look better loaded on the shuttle thread?"
Now I have a box full of seed beads that seems to be shopping for real estate over in tatting corner. You've ruined me Jane, you and your blessed tutorials! :-)

Anyway, the teal earrings are Altin Basak thread, and the brown, inspired by an outfit worn by a gal at church, are done in Lizbeth.

And HAPPY TATTING DAY to all, even though I'm a little late! I received a lovely shipment of Oren Bayan thread on tatting day, how perfect is that! I did eat chocolate Ice cream, and I worked on tatting an edge on some socks for my daughter's easter basket. So I partially fulfilled the requirements for Tatting day. I did stay home in my sweats all day, (Hey, I'm 8 months pregnant, it's allowed right? :-) so I didn't wear any tatting or share about it. BUT---I did wear the red tatted earrings on Sunday to church, and received many compliments and questions, and even had one nice gal express how she always wanted to learn tatting. SO. I think in the end I did my good tatting deed for the week right?


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your earrings are beautiful! It's a good thing I can't wear earrings... I might have beads spilling all over my lap right now!

Unknown said...

They're very pretty! Good job. How fabulous that you got lots of compliments on them! :)

Valerie said...

these earrings are gorgeous, krystle. the beads surely add to some glamour/glitter them. good decision.

happy tatting day!

Stephanie said...

Hi there, Krystle! The earrings are cute. The beads really set them off. Oh, and I agree with you about Jane and beads. She makes it very hard to NOT use them in something! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Lovely earwigs. Sorry for all the fun I've given you!!!! No, I'm not really!!!!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Don't you just love Jane's patterns? The earrings look great, love the colors and the beads!!

victats@gmail.com said...

Jane is a troublemaker...but aren't the beads nice?

Gina said...

And another tatbead skeptic hits the dust....
LOL! Yeah, they seem like a pain at first but they add such a nice touch most of the time. Your earrings are lovely!