July 23, 2009

Blog challenge!

I must say that I absolutely love the little community we have going here. I thought maybe it might be fun to play a little game to get to know eachother more. Here are the rules.

  1. Go get your camera
  2. Take a picture of your "tatting space" be it tatting corner or the bag that you carry with you, as it is right now. No moving or removing anything! (that would be bad tatting karma. you don't want your threads mysteriously tangling do you? )
  3. Post your pictures and whatever commentary you see fit on your blog.
  4. Leave a comment on this post after you have done so, so I can post a listing of all who are participating , and we can all tour eachothers tatting space.

I love to peek into other people's tatting space and spy out all the cool organization ideas, and pretty things that happen there. Now, if no one takes my little challenge, why I guess I'll look silly. Oh well.

Here is my tatting space!

In the picture above you can see my glider. It pulls double duty for nursing the little one as well as tatting. You can also see the cabinet which is supposed to completely contain my tatting nonsense, the blue thread box on the floor which shoud be in said cabinet, and the tv tray that has also taken up residence there......The ten cent tour of my current projects- some yarn for a hat for the two year old, a notepad for designing, lots of tools and helpful things like pliers for earwires, the ott-lite I stole from hubby, a baby monitor, and various balls of thread that need to head back to the box.And here is the box! Full of Lizbeth and HDT, with some vintage in the little brown box. I keep pieces that are more than a yard left over in the little red giftcard tin that you can sort of see in there. Funny thing, I realized this morning that I don't have a single ball of ecru any more. Such a funny word isn't that, "ecru". whoever came up with that? One of the great mysteries of the universe I suppose.

Well, thank you for joining me in my tour of tat corner. I hope you might have fun with this little challenge. ta-ta!


*♥* Heather *♥* said...

That was so fun Krystle
mine is on my blog. Have a great day!! Your space is so much neater than mine LOL

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

"Ecru" always reminds me of Emu's. Are there any ecru emus do you think?

Well, I posted a pic of my tatting space today...not quite finished...

Your space looks very cozy. I bet that glider chair is heavenly.

rainbows and raindrops said...

I love your little corner. I wish i had one =(, I kinda tat whereever =(

Ladytats said...

I have posted my tatting mess, you are welcome to take a look.

TatForFun said...

nice little corner...I always want something like that ^_^
And it's such a fun idea, I'll start taking picture tonight, hope I can post it by tomorrow night.
ta da

gina Butler in OKC said...

How clever of you to let us all play along!
My new blog is:
gina Butler in OKC

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Okay, Krystle... you asked for it, you got it! I've posted pics of my messy little corner taken at the crack of dawn this morning. I could clean it up today, but I think I'll tat instead!

Unknown said...

What a great corner! Like Sherry, I think that glider chair looks very comfortable!

That is funny....I still love to tat with ecru and white, even! I am glad there is all this fabulous HDT and Lizbeth threads and so many fabulous colors, but I love my white (and ecru) lace, too! LOL! Ecru comes from the French word ecru' which means "raw" or "unbleached". It was first used in reference to the unbleached or uncolored state of linens. So, there ya go! Whoever came up with that word is our French friends! (Thank you, Wikipedia)

I sure wish that this challenge came at a different time in my life! I've had some challenges come up that have made my little abode not something I want to take a picture of, LOL! Just know that I'm in on the challenge "in spirit"! Okay! I totally support it, but I ain't taking a picture of my messy living room...no way...no how! :)

Unknown said...

hahah We made similar posting on our blogs! I tat where ever.... I just move my little lace dresser close to where I am sitting.

Anonymous said...

Count me in. If my space looks somewhat organized, it is only because I am just back from a trip and have not had time to mess it up!

Sally Kerson said...

This sounds fun, will join in when I get back from talking to big sis Jane, camera packed, good excuse eh?! Anyway will see how her tat corner is looking first!!!

Quiltification said...

I've posted a couple of photos of my tatting space too. Yours looks cosy and productive. Charlotte

Joy said...

I know I'm late on this one, but I'd still like to join! I think I've found some kindred spirits looking at all of the tatting spaces. I'll put some photos on my blog (joyintatting.blogspot.com) this evening. Thanks for the fun!

EnlightenedByAngels said...

I have finally posted a picture of my tatting space. I don't know how you keep up with everything!
I have that same glider, I got it for when I was nursing. My glider hurts to sit on for longer than ten minutes so I don't sit there to tat.

I have really enjoyed taking the tatting space tours. What a great idea you had! Thanks for the challenge!

(I am having trouble commenting, so if this appears more than once, I am sorry)