August 22, 2013


 Since I have a list of custom orders to finish by Friday, and a whole heap of necklaces to get made and back in stock by Friday as well, I did the smart thing this week by playing at the workbench and doing completely unrelated work. (I swear I'm never more inspired than when I'm under the gun for something else!)  This pair of earrings I made for myself, with some really great cathedral beads, and some copper frames that I soldered.  The patina is Liver of sulphur.  It's stinky to work with, but gives such a beautiful finish.

 Eventually I did steer a little closer to getting some tatting work done, the earrings above are in brass, and below in silver.  I'm fiddling around with the proportions still, but I think it's a really nice way to incorporate my little rosettes into a more substantial feeling piece. 
I make the little rosettes reversible, so the earring will look good no matter how it hangs.  A lot of my work has been in this vein-- using the tatting as a component of the jewelry design...  there is definitely a certain "customer" who will gravitate more toward the more sturdy feel imparted by the use of beads and metals.  Metalsmithing has really become my friend in that respect, as I am able to ready make findings to the size and color I need.  I think I am attracted to the juxtaposition of the metal and the lace.  I love contrasts!  Colors, flavors (I can't get enough sweet and sour!).

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Jesse said...

These are really wonderful!