August 27, 2013

The countdown

 A week worth of stocking up on necklaces.

One final week of Farmers Market craziness, and then the Homeschooling craziness begins...actually we start schooling tomorrow, so today will be spent sorting the school room and running to Walmart to restock any basic supplies. 

One other project on my list is to add my other finished patterns to the Etsy shop.  Now that they offer immediate download capabilities, I'm going to list my Sweetpea earrings, Petal Perfect Necklace, as well as the swirl rhinestone crystal bracelet patterns.  These should be listed and ready for purchase sometime next week.  I'll let you know when.

Once the market is over, I will also need to buckle down and file my income taxes..... my extension will be due in October sometime, and I just want to get it done and over.  The good news is that I took much better records over the summer as far as sales, and January won't be so nuts when it comes to paying my state sales tax. 


Beelizabeth said...

I was going to email you and ask if there was any way I could get instructions for your technique for the rhinestone bracelets. I know you have taught it at Shuttlebirds but I know my chances of getting there are very slim. I'm excited that you're going to make them available.

Ladytats said...

so glad you are finding your record keeping easier, or rather compiling the info for the tax dept easier.
Have fun with the school room again this year.