April 11, 2009

Marilee is the coolest :-)

Happy easter all! I thought it might be time for a good update.

Great news from my Grandma, my Great Grandmother is doing a little tatting for me, so I may have my four genereations of tatting after all! My mother will be here in June to help after the baby is born, so I'll just have to strap her to a chair untill she does some tatting for me too :-)

I've taken to trying some #80 thread again too. After reading Stephanie's blog and seeing that piece that she is doing from "floriade" I just had to. It's slow going, mostly because I am once again modifying the way I tay after watching some vids of AnneB. So of course I'm not happy with the tension...It's hard to finish a piece sometimes when I'm not thrilled with it.....but I'm doing it! I will need some small needles to work in the last ends. Oh, and I had to really think about the patterns I was trying at first and had to get back to something really basic to get the size 80 to work for me. After a few bad starts on complicated patterns I resigned myself to an easier piece :-) We'll see how it turns out, but I do like the feel of the work done in small thread.

This is my other project from last night-

It's Yarnplayer's Quadrille pattern, and she has it available for sale on her Etsy. I've loved this pattern since I first saw the earrings she made, and I was just overjoyed when I got it from her last night! (Hence the blog post title)These are the first ones I've done so far, no beads yet. I just wanted to get the pattern under my fingers, so these aren't tensioned like I'd like them to be, and I didn't get the magic threads is so they are woven in at the top, and I was playing with different types of joins the whole time. The thread is Lizbeth "desert bloom". I'm hoping to get quite a few pairs of earrings made and perhaps sell them to fund my tatting habit now that my babysitting gig is over.


Stephanie said...

Oooh, I like! Great job. That 'Desert Bloom' thread is starting to grow on me. Me thinks it's time to buy some. Keep practicing with the size 80, you'll be a pro in no time. Do a hens and chicks edging, that's how I got the hang of it. I just kept going and going and going until I had the hang of it.

By the way, stop by my blog. There's a little something there for ya!

Elizabeth said...

I love this pattern too, isn't it wonderful? Marilee is a very talented designer.

Marty said...

Wow! You found a use for Desert Bloom that really works. It looks very pretty in these little motifs.

Unknown said...

Gosh, I could have SWORN I left a message here earlier! Sometimes that blogger is just wierd! (nice blogger). That is sooooo cool that you are going to have 4 generations of tatting! What a treasure! I hope we get to see all generations together. Are you going to make a display of it? Like in a a shadowbox or something, 4 generations of tatting altogether? Or just have them out and about to see and touch and be a part of daily life? Either way is cool, I'm just curious! I think it's so nifty! :)

Happy Belated Easter to you and yours! :)

Marilee Rockley said...

Gee whiz, such an honor to find my name in a post title on somebody's blog, LOL. (Blushing)
Krystle, you are doing a fabulous job on the pattern, and those thread colors would go with several different outfits.
Having 4 generations of tatters is what is really cool. I suspect that there aren't many folks who can boast about that.