April 7, 2009

Ok, good news!

Gwen got back to me speedy fast, and I sent her some Paypal, so she is going to have Bobbie mail my packet out asap.

And in other happy news, I got a Handy hands order in today! 10 more colors of Lizbeth, and some size 80 thread, and a few little crochet hooks to put on a ring or whatever...what do you guys do with your mini crochet hooks? hang them on your neck? I dunno. Also got another Sew mate shuttle. One can never have too many shuttles. Never.

AND it's 70 degrees out today. 'Nuff said.

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Allison said...

For the crochet hooks, my good friend Sara put really elegant beads on the end of hers. The beads were actually from an old necklace, so they're really pretty. She said that it makes her hooks really easy to find when they fall beneath the couch!! I love the new 'Lizbeth! The Hobby Lobby by us is going to start carrying it!! hooray! i can't wait to get some. Their purple is sooo pretty!
Happy Tatting!