April 6, 2009


Yikes I am so bummed! Remember how excited I was to send away for my TAT proficiency program? Well, I sent it off over a month ago and hadn't heard anything, and the check hasn't cleared yet, so I contacted Gwen to see what was going on. Turns out she never got it. Lost in the mail. Now I have to send it all over again, and hope it comes soon, and I have to cancel the first check with the bank, and their website says it will be a $30 fee to do a stop payment! It's a $40 check! What the heck!!!!

Grrr. Lost in the mail. Why couldn't it have been a bill or something less fun that got lost? Why!!!!!!! (edited for disclaimer-I do pay all my bills on time :-)

Haha, maybe God is telling me something. I haven't had a debit card in over a month either, the bank cancelled mine without telling me because of some company having their database compromised, and I never got the cards they were supposed to have sent to replace the ones we had. And when I finally did get the card, they only ordered one for my husband, so now they have to order all new cards AGAIN. AND when I took the one card that my husband got it to the bank to get a PIN put on it, their machine was down, and it took 5 days for the pin to arrive in the mail separately from the card.

Should I just not be spending any money right now Lord?

Ok. I'm done pouting now.


Unknown said...

How frustrating!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What a frustrating series of events! I'm sure you'll just appreciate the T.A.T. program a whole lot more when it arrives. Hmmm... I've had mine for two years now. Maybe I should think about getting past the first lesson...

Ridgewoman said...

Lost in the mail is so common in New Mexico that we don't have any expectations about mail! No, you don't want the bills to go astray or get lost. Trying to convince people that their billing is lost in the mail is always met with - "sure, Bob" Then, you have to write little notes of explanations, to prove you DID pay your bills. That stuff haunts one for years! Why?
because people are always promoted to their level of incompetence. We all complained; so instead of fixing it locally (where the problem occurs) they now send ALL the mail to Albuquerque via Las Cruces; and, back to Silver. I commiserate with you 100%. If God is telling you anything ~ it is to lower your expectations of the Postal Service!
You aren't pouting, hon ~ just venting what most of us feel at some time or another.
My condolances...Bev